Saturday, November 4, 2017

Positive Things to Focus On

Our destiny will be decided the same way it always has been: by all of us; by we, the people: by selfless and engaged citizens who step forward and speak out to guard the values that make us who we are — not just when there’s an election, but every day,” - President Barack Obama.

Dear Students, Friends and Colleague's of Qigong Healing Centre:

I would like to personally thank everyone for their generous contributions in all forms during the passing of my father. Time moves forward and each day gets betterMy father was a huge supporter of Chinese Medicine and had great results with it. The Herb Formula's, Acupuncture, and Qigong I administered to him made a huge difference in his life. He never suffered with typical Brain Cancer symptoms and was of great spirit to the end. In 20 years of various therapies and disorders he did very well.

Although like he had told me in the end "all life has to transform eventually even with the best measures at hand". The lesson to be shared here in my opinion, be there with your loved ones daily even if you know nothing except being a compassionate Father, Wife, Son or Daughter; the silent participation is healing and soothing for the afflicted. I was grateful to be in a position to be there for my father day and night. 

But Wow....much is going on in the Popular World!

Above I ran across the image and quote in my system today after reading all the emotional headlines going on Eminem,  Trump, tweets and lots of allegations in all forms happening. There's an old business lesson to be learned with all of this "its easy to point out problems; but ones that can change things for the better are truly agents of change". We need people to lead others to the change not just rant about it or blame others. 

 What I know for sure is that President Obama is still caring the torch to motivate people for collective change and a brighter future ahead. I don't like using this website as a sounding board for movements or politics, but I like what I see going on at:    

Don't forget this is the guy as a junior Senator wrote a visionary book with the best title for a book ever "The Audacity of Hope". Read if you have not, class updates and new material will be uploaded later this month. Keep strong with your personal practice, only you can achieve the results you seek. :)


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Passing of my Father

Thomas W. Abersold
4-7-36 ~ 9-7-17

Dear Students and Friends of Qigong Healing Center,

This past week Thursday 4/7/2017 my father passed away with me at his side at 4pm, after 15 months battle of Brain Cancer. He told me he is ok, and took his last three breaths and released ; he fought a good fight and had enough of this crap to say the least. I had transferred him yesterday from the V.A. as one last wheedle attempt to buy him more time and possible give him a few more month's of peace; but I knew it was a long shot at best, it was just too late he was already transitioning as early as Wednesday night. Labor Day was the last day we had fluid conversations...and it became apparent what was happening.

The last two weeks he started losing alot of weight and my last four visits we said our goodby's. It was the hardest thing to see a man with great health, wisdom, wit and zest to shrink away so quickly. I brought him back to the area so my family good be there and he wouldn't pass without us at the V.A.

My father was/is the behind the scenes hero in my life; a great motivator, caring man and the best friend anyone could ever imagine. I was lucky to have him for the first half of my life so far and will have his energy and spirit to forge forward in coming years. He loved everyone I knew and was interested in everyone as well. He came from a era when people where just good quality people you could always count on.

I am very proud that we were able to spend the last 18 years together day in - day out; he had a great retirement. I am also very proud that I was able to take care of him to the very end and he knew he could count on me matter what. I never let him down on any aspect, with that he had a easy time with it all. He fought a good fight and went out on his terms.So obviously I will be taking a few weeks off from classes, possibly longer to self heal and regroup for the future. I will still work on website and forum although and will email updates.  I appreciate everyone that  gave me support to stay in the fight with my dear father; and for that I will never forget. :) Be happy celebrate his life, everything will be ok.


 Gary Abersold      

For anyone whom like to donate to his funeral please use the link below. We appreciate everyone's generosity in any amount. The funeral cost is $3,100 outside the V.A Benefits. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Meditation Key to Better Qigong Skill

The practice of Meditation is the most underestimated practice in Qigong circles. All the top Masters I know have strong meditation practice in their personal life and so should you. I recommend practice in a group or a Theravada Buddhist Temple. In this way you can learn the original calming & insight system. In most cases these classes are offered by donation; so there really is no excuse not to practice. The above graphic gives the bullet points for the common user. Right Click and enlarge image.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Opinion: Remember the Past to Change the Future

Above: John Lennon and Yoko Ono reading the Tao Teh Ching

Excerpt from a interview: When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the systems game. The establishment will irritate you: pull ones beard, flick your face to make you fight. Because once they got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don't know how to handle is non-violence and humor ~John Lennon

Remember the Past to Change the Future

I can remember as a kid the fall of Saigon and the end of Vietnam War. Even at a young age I felt a life of uncertainty and possible strife. I used to think what kind of world are we living in where all these guys go and just get killed for the guys in the suits up there at the White House. It would really encapsulate me trying to figure out why wars break out. I use to wonder would our family be safe where I lived?.. or would we end up like the poor innocent people of  "Nam" the disposable citizens of the politicians.    

 Walking through the local park where I grew up you would run into Vietnam Vets hanging out; I would ask many of them about the war and they would just brush me off as "let's not go there kid"...take a hike. They had the classic hardened faces of war; but when you looked in their eyes you could get lost in the gaze of the million mile stare; a stare that was transfixed in a place far away, in a different time and place. I will never forget their face's its burned into my mind forever; something you never forget. A soldiers subdivided soul still there in the Nam with all their fallen buddy's that never came home and many missions they faithfully lived through. For sure a part of them is still there frozen in the confusion of a senseless war. No painkillers can numb a shattered soul; they will need years of dissolving the pain away slowly.

I am 49 years old, and there is still racism, hatred because the way one looks, ethnic religious faction's killing people in the name of "God". We still have only a cease fire between North Korea and South Korea from 64 years ago. Many wars have came and gone, too many lives lost. A student asked my take on recent events in the news, can Meditation and Qigong heal the world from these things? My answer is that it's alot more complicated than that, but it cannot hurt that for sure.

 Our culture needs to focus on positive things that make a difference in peoples life. Teaching young parents how to raise and develop their family's, Healing arts, natural healing, education, health care and demanding better programming in the media to name a few. The return of being physically more connected to each other; shut our silly little phones off, BE PRESENT. Life is to precious... be connected to your love ones it could be the last time you see them. There are no guarantees in life that everyone will live to a ripe old age. It could be your last opportunity to connect with whomever you are with. If the cable news makes you sad or angry; turn the garbage off. Only let positive enriching things into your consciousness.    

Above I posted a picture of John and Yoko reading the Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tsu; and  how cool is that. I long for his presence in our world today; we would be better if he was still around. He was a person that had a strong voice in non violence and dialogue, a wonderful musician as well. I find it troubling although that everyone in the last 50 plus years that tried to make lasting positive change was assassinated. JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Medgar Evers, Mohandas Ghandi, Anwar Sadat to name a few. What does that say about our Society?

We all should remember the past; and learn from the history of the so many that have fallen. If we want a bright future our society will need to change; massive action will create lasting change. We have been down this road so many times and the end result will be same. War, racism and darkness will only lead us only to more of the same. The World needs a morality wake up call, and focus on healing what "separates us"; and focus on "uniting us" is the answer. Until then we will be constantly getting much of the same. It's not a lofty prediction or goal it is very real, but will you stand up to create lasting change? Again to answer my students question as I began writing this article - for sure if more and more people learned how to self heal and create balance, many better choices will be made. It will give everyone the tools to live from a elevated consciousness and make solid choices. For sure the younger generation that will shape our worlds future need these tools in their precious life.     


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Please help Iris Lu with Freeing her Mother


8/15/2017: 32,834 supporters 2,166 needed still to reach 35,000! Please share with any means necessary online... Iris is very close getting to the 35,000 signatures for her petition. If this was your parent I am sure you would do anything necessary to accomplish it. Please help her out now sign the petition if you have not. It's the right and moral thing to do. 
Introduction: Please help Iris Lu with signing her petition. He Mother is a devout Falun Dafa practitioner that's been persecuted for her spiritual cultivation beliefs. I am not a Falun Dafa follower, but feel for her, could happen to any path with corrupt governments deeming what anyone does. No-one should be persecuted for their beliefs. Please sign her petition; her as you can shes in dire need of a miracle and support of the community. ~ Gary W. Abersold

Please follow link and sign petition help her out:

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bonafide Systems are of Value

Fuel for Practice
The most important part of studying and partaking in East Asian Culture and - I would add in life in general - is what is commonly known simply as walking the path of "ethicality". This simply means to follow a personal code of conduct of goodness, uprightness, decency, honesty, integrity and tradition. How one carry's themselves personally will manifest outwardly to all they encounter. 

 Question: A student asked me this week in my morning class is making your "own qigong form" or "hodge podging" different methods together ok?.. like East Indian Yoga with Qigong?

Answer: It's very risky, possibly dangerous if you donot have professional training and certainty.  Most of the modern Qigong that developed during the late 1950's through current era where vetted and scrutinized by many Qigong commissions and society's, that had the top experts within. There did exist many lesser practices that never where approved. They ran into what we have in our western culture the problem of "self identified masters"; that have no link to any credible lineage, Teacher or credentials of any type. In those cases they were banned from the whole movement and unable to teach their brand of Qigong.
       The Way of Tradition
Following a path of "ethicality" is honoring and venerating the ancestors; even if they are from a land not of yours. Honoring tradition and ancestors is a integral part of the East Asian household in general. It is also not uniquely just found in Asia, can be found in many traditional cultures. Western culture is "culture-less" in the aspect that it is a land without tradition, except for Native Americans. Let's not forgot the truth is that United States was/is  hijacked from it's original inhabitants.

 The history is sad but true. For many modern practitioner's you may never been exposed to this teaching before, but it's important, lineage and time tested traditions are highly valued. I would say beware of anything that cannot be backed up. It's really easy to understand... without tradition, lineage, and ancestors we would not have anything today, nor practices or anything concrete or credible.  This is a big point what Chinese Medicine in general is built on, a venerable system with a long history of success. 

In the household traditions it is taught by the elders, that our spiritual ancestors are still present observing our deeds and actions and truly assisting to help us all the time. How you carry yourself in life, and in traditional practices will determine how successful you will be in the future. A clear map is better than trying to plow your own way; follow the tradition and one will be successful, as the thousands that have been before you. Any aspect of East Asian Culture of today is only great and time tested because of the personal skill and ability of many gifted enlightened practitioners and followers of the Way loooong before us. :) 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sterling Heights Michigan - Qigong Classes with Gary W. Abersold

Late Summer - Autumn Qigong Classes
 Gary W. Abersold

Introduction: There are new Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow Classes being held in Sterling Heights Michigan. By end of September I will have three teachers Certified whom after a 1 1/2 years practice and learning with me can effectively begin to teach the Energy Release, Chi Cultivation and beginner Flow Forms. So until then I am the only one that can properly teach this tradition. My goal is to be able to offer this abroad in Health Clubs, Community Centres, Gilda's Club, Youth Homes, people that are incarcerated, Military personal and Veterans. It's easy to learn and I have a vast amount of resource material for the serious student, that comes with the practice.    

    This is a perfect practice for anyone looking to truly have a Qigong routine that delivers and one can count on, each and every day. There are many practices that I have taught over the last 21 years of teaching; the Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow System is a genuine approach for beginners or experienced practitioners looking for something different. The brilliance of the tradition is that it is very tangible, new students feel their energy very quickly. This is taught in China and abroad even in Wutang Taoist Temples, Groups. A friend of mine that is a Monk teaches his version of it to all his personal disciples as a base for their Tai Chi Chuan understanding.              

Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow (太極氣流): Syncretic System of Tai Chi Chuan, and Healing Qigong practice, which has became very popular, over the past 40 years in China. Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow is not "Tai Chi Chuan" (Martial Art Tai Chi) , it is a healing form of Tai Chi, emphasizing Chi Flow - "life force energy". It is the best practice for anyone looking for health and wellness; and will prepare one better for traditional Tai Chi Chuan Systems as well. It's the Tai Chi training that almost no community centre class will ever offer, that are all so needed .

Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow has been scientifically tested and medically proven. The first entry level practice is designed to improve the general health and well-being of the practitioner. The gentle flow patterns and stretching movements improve circulation and digestion. The chest exercises and controlled breathing are good for lung conditions and asthma. And the overall effect of the exercise is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body. What can it do for you:

  • Improves health
  • Increases energy, agility and flexibility
  • Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles
  • Normalizes energy congestion
  • Rejuvenates body, breath, energy, mind and spirits
  • Dissolves stress away
  • Develops concentration
  • Balances emotions

This Tradition is very effective and easy to learn. It is practiced throughout Asia, and is considered a national health exercise in Malaysia and Indonesia. Come learn about this unique system and my Master Teacher's related healing modalities. A DVD and two Audio Cd's are provided for home learning, away from class. For more information email us at


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Expansion: New Locations for Qigong Classes

Participation in Life is Key - To Move Forward

Participation in life is key; Don't become the "would have, should have or could have person" one day in the rocking chair.  The important thing to do in learning and progressing in Qigong is getting practical experience. You cannot cultivate your Chi from reading a book, surfing the web or watching a video. It takes real practical experience; this is a big beginner tip. There are many benefits from being in a Qigong group such as learning faster, meeting like minded people who are into Qigong and hey how about mastering it! If you are reading this aren't you sick of being on the sidelines; get out of the drought and get your chi filled and activated.   

 It will take much effort and follow through in classes to begin to penetrate through the mystery of it all.  If you want more you have to participate for it. I have invested much personal effort in teaching various students on Qigong since 1994 and many now are certified in well rounded levels of qigong. one cannot go wrong with the teachers I have certified, they are all different and unique.

The following link can begin to get you started locally in Southeastern Michigan areas. Express your inner will and begin to reap the benefits from a timeless tradition that will add much quality and value to your personal and family life:

Monday, July 31, 2017

Update DVD Review: Qigong for Cancer

Recently did a viewing of the "Qigong for Cancer" DVD; the synopsis its a well put together program for anyone interested in Qigong. Its filmed in crystal clear high definition video, filmed at the Shou Yu Liang Institute in Vancouver. Directions are clear and Helen does different angles to emphasize alignment on exercises.  The exercises are laid out as follows:

Lung/Large Intestine
Heart/Small Intestine
Pericardium/Heart/Triple Burner
Qi Channel Stimulation
Relation Method

There's a total of 15 exercises; which are modified exercises from her family's Taoist, Buddhist and Martial Art background, for helping people rejuvenate with Qigong. I learned many of these exercises at her fathers school with father but in more advanced forms. They have been although properly adapted for Health Rejuvenation and Maintenance Qigong for the common person, not expert level.

 The exercises use alot of visualization guidance and early intermediate technique that might throw someone really ill for a loop without a teacher. One may get frustrated, and not carry on because of the complexity of using intermediate mind intention visualization techniques. With that being said the practice is a great arrangement, for anyone with a little experience. The video footage is basically laid out "learn as you seem fit" for you. Take one exercise at a time, learn it and practice for a few weeks, to a month before proceeding.

 There is no discussion on disorders and using these Qigong exercises or how to apply them. It would have been nice for the newer student or someone ill to have a little info. It's also unclear if they have tested the method out on Qigong Cancer Support Groups; my personal view is it would have been better titled "Qigong Rejuvenation & Health Maintenance Method".

Don't Medicinalize Qigong, Tai Chi & Yogic Arts!
 It's a trend to sell Qigong as Medical, for Cancer etc. to attract the common citizen; which can often be misleading kinda like a marketing angle. People are more well served if it's presented as "Healing", which eludes to anything that can make one whole again. I also personally thinks it's a mistake to push Qigong as Medicine, Medical or even worse scientific; which does not even coincide with Traditional Chinese Medical Philosophy. It should stay to its roots of "nourishing and nurturing life", and personal spiritual cultivation or even simply "Therapeutic" would be a better idea. The closer it gets entangled in Science/Technology, the more removed from it spiritual intrinsic value it will become in the public domain. It then might not even be East Asian Qigong for that matter.

So at any rate I give this program A+; it's well put together and great video quality - if you go slow and with a little guidance one can have a great practice set. Helen's testimonial and experience I feel the most important part of the DVD, it will encourage anyone going through illness that there is hope and Qigong can for sure help reblance your body/mind. Shes another living example that Qigong integrated with other method's works real well.



Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Certified Reiki Master

 Sheryl Youngblood
 Reiki Master

Congratulations to Sheryl Youngblood! She completed a multi month and level Reiki Certification. Sheryl has alot of experience in Meditation, various levels of Qigong and Healing Qigong. Her students real look forward to her classes and they have a great community among themselves. Out of the many students I taught she has dedicated many years of taking classes privately, and going through the "hoops and barrels" of learning and teaching, healing people properly. I am very proud of her shes a great teacher, healer, student and friend as well.  

 I was glad she attended my Private Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Program; Reiki when learned and practiced correctly is a powerful system. There's more than meets the eye. I will continue to share with her the many skills that's in higher level Reiki that most never see or know. To this date she is my only trained Reiki Master and Healer. :) Serious inquiries can reach her below:


Friday, June 23, 2017

Health & Wellness, Cancer Prevention Through Qigong

Qigong for Cancer
 Helen Liang

There is a new DVD available for purchase by Master Helen Liang, entitled "Qigong for Cancer".  Helen Liang is a Master in her own right, comes from a genuine family lineage. She is a Cancer survivor and has detailed 15 key real good exercises, Meditations and other insights that anyone looking into Qigong would appreciate. Perfect for beginners, and experienced alike. Filmed in crystal clear high definition video by YMAA Publishing. I wrote an  article about her with many links on my video page:

Those that know me know I generally don't beat the drum to push products, market items in the name of Qigong. I am promoting this with no recompense involved for the sake of helping the community at large. It's a wonderful story as well, one cannot really go wrong with $40.00 investment, especially if going through Cancer Treatments or Recovery. They really did a fine job of keeping character in the video production, not a sterile boring video and her heartfelt testimonial of what she went through is of much welcomed value. I will also say that in a weary world at times its great to have these kind of story's to come across your desk.

Master Ling Guang Ming aka... "Guolin"
 Her story is reminiscent of the landscape painter "Guolin", whom created her own system of Qigong, due to a terminal Cancer diagnosis and  nowhere to turn. Guolin was not given much chance to live and created essentially what is often called Guolin Qigong, New Qigong or Therapeutic Walking Therapy. Guolin Qigong is also a complete system in itself; a relatively unknown system to Westerners, but really popular in Chinese Community's. They are both great success story's of how Chinese Medicine and Qigong worked in these hard to deal with Cancer cases.   


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Otto Warmbier: A Tragedy for Everyone.

Otto Warmbier

 December 12, 1994 - June 19, 2017

 Update 6/19/2017 8:47pm: Otto Warmbier has passed away late today. My heartfelt condolences to Fred and Cindy Warmbier, family and loved ones. Although I donot know the family or Otto; he reminded me of myself and many friends I grown up with. I do think this was a ethical post to fuse like minded caring people together and use their ability's for the good of one of our own. The parents had expressed that his facial features began to lighten up as time went on since he returned home. 

 I would like to thank the outpouring support of the many people who connected with energy healing, prayers, questions and comments insight tells me that this was the proper thing to happen, to exit his damaged body and move on to his next journey. Death is just a dead body; but the spirits and soul remains it never dies.  

 I truly hope that the current administration will follow through with their statements of "determination to prevent such tragedies from befalling innocent people at the hands of regimes that donot respect the rule of law and basic decency". 


Gary W Abersold    

Original Post
As we know North Korea is a Feudal Empire, lead by a completely insane leader which could become worse than Mao Tse Tung ever was in China. The world should get serious and boycott this country and maniac, hopefully his own people will get sick of it and remove him from power one day soon. North Korea is like Pandora's Box just waiting to open. It truly is a serious world problem on so many levels.

The story of Otto Warmbier is like most 21-22 year old's, looking for experience and adventure in life. He obviously is a brave adventurous person to go to North Korea in the first place. What young man does not like a challenge? As well all know he was persecuted and prosecuted for removing one of their propaganda posters off the hotel wall (give me a break!). Typical young guy move in the moment of fun. Every guy I know in life and I for sure am guilty of this - has pulled stunts like this if not worse. Unfortunately it was videotaped and we know the rest of the story. Truly a tragedy.

I call this a tragedy for "everyone" because this should have never happened. It is not going to go away either; there will be other Otto's this is for sure..remember Kenneth Bae. We failed Otto by not being more vocal for his release, where were the protest, media coverage beyond a snippet video and outcry for one of our own? Where was our leaders and so called representatives? So it's water under the bridge now what done is done. A damn shame for someone with so much promise and hope; I am sure Otto would of stood up for one of our own; he seems like a person with integrity.  

  It is very plausible that Otto experienced an extreme Panic Attack, which could of induced some sort of cardiac arrest or torture ala..foul play that was involved. His life will be forever changed; hopefully he has a miracle recovery at some level. It is a true heartbreak of a story; a person who looks like most 20 something's. To all Energy Healing Practitioners, People of Faith and Belief Let's send  prayer messages and healing energy to Otto and his family. Hopefully he will have some kind of turn around at some level. Everyone deserves a fresh start, a second chance in life. Anything is possible to those with unshakable faith.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Qigong Classes at 80% Full..Few Spaces Remain

There are some openings left for Qigong Class Foundations. Group Class days are Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday morning at 10:00am in Sterling Heights only. Class teaches very specific Therapeutic Qigong Daily Routine and related Meditations for Heath and Wellness. Skill level is Beginner to intermediate level.

All of my morning appointment spaces are all booked. The only other time available is at 12:30pm or 1:00pm time slot. These spaces are available for students looking to sharpen their ability's or seeking personal assistance in healing complicated disorders. 

 Just as a note of interest I don't offer classes at nighttime. My practice is day hours only, under special short term circumstances I offer random workshop nights for special groups only.  To contact for classes or questions email me at I will get back with you within 24 hours.

Gary W Abersold 
Qigong Healing Centre
 Sterling Heights Michigan USA 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wisdom of the Moment: 

The things that you think that you own; actually own you. 

The above statement can be viewed and applied in numerous ways and meanings. There are many people that have great attachment/belief that money equals power; and things give one status and happiness. Which is very delusional and one can become self sacrificed in a sense;... that one day they realize they spent a whole lifetime chasing after personal bondage of things that really don't matter. They realize they have become a slave to their lifestyle as well. They are not free at all. Culture is a culprit in many ways because it shapes peoples habits, beliefs and daily experiences. Be weary of what you actually participate in and don't be part of "cattle herd mentality".    

We can see that "Smart Phone Technology" and Personal Computers  actually has become the master and the users have become their slaves. Many cannot escape the grasp of their enslavement to their devices and cyber community's such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Which is very sad because they are truly controlled by validation response such as "likes" and trying to be popular, and their 4,500 so called friends. It's truly kinda like high school of people trying to be popular or be "in the fold crowd". 

 As stated in previous journal entry's more and more people are truly and dangerously addicted to the age of electrical devices. Wisdom of the East Asian Masters is true here - The things that you think you own; actually own you. Lets continue below and look deeper:

A Whirl Wind of  Different Energy and States of Life

Early Christian teachings warn us of personal impropriety of  Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth. The teachings also help us to understand a life of virtue, service and personal cultivation are key to one's life. Those whom follow the path can everyday "Reflect and Look" at how they are doing through personal meditation, centering prayer and reflection. At any given moment can take action not to spiral into a world of Impropriety.  Much of this is contained in Old Testament teachings and that of all true personal faiths of higher level consciousness, qualified mentors of the path.

Mahayana Buddhist teachings hold a share belief that is similar depicted in a teaching Mandala called  Six World's of Life. Each snapshot world is illustrated by characters representing aspects of human existence our various ways of being.  Below I break it down in away that anyone can understand and make useful.

1. Existing in a World of Animal Characteristics: We are driven by basic survival instincts and appetites such as physical hunger and sexuality, which is the ego in overdrive. These urges for many are uncontrollable and nothing is never enough.   

2. Existing in a World of Personal Hell: We are trapped in states of unbearable personal rage and anxiety. Their beliefs and chaos in their mind becomes uncontrollable and in many cases become acted out in personal life. These World's of Hell are very visible through some's personal/collective delusion and acts like suicide, terrorism, strike lines, protesting and vandalism are sure real life signs of this.

3.  Existing in a World of Universal Spirits (Gods?...maybe):  We strive to transcend our weekly troubles and our over inflated egos through ritualistic, aesthetic or a religious experience, through a community church; but it is only temporary and void of true  spiritual cultivation and purification found in daily practice. Even this is scabbed with a sense of loss and suffering. For many the blinders one day come off and a sense of loss is felt.

4.  Existing in a World of Superiority: It could be you..:) or there are always certain people we cross paths with or personas in positions of power that publicly display a phony sense of strength and power. They are deluded by their own personal Superiority. They are threatened by people of compassion, virtue and quality. The Masters depict them clearly as enemies of leaders of enlightened way. These negative self identified persona's are marked by their fierce envy, hate and jealousy. They act quickly and not rationally in all they do, considered to be very dangerous for sure. Best to avoid and not engage with these types, less said is best. 

5. Existing in a World of Insatiability: Buddhist Art is a form of teaching oral traditions passed down through the ages. The above image shows a monk encountering a Hungry Ghost. The Masters of the Buddhist Way of Life, depict the dwellers of Insatiability aka...Hungry Ghost World as deformed, possessed spirits beings with scrawny necks, small mouths, emaciated limbs and large, bloated, empty bellies.

 In a real world experience this is the chains and bondage of powerful brain programing, addiction, and obsession. It is also the end result of being a causality of a life of never finding contentment.  This is a whirl wind of many sickly energies which one is constantly seeking something outside themselves to curb an insatiable yearning for relief or fulfillment. The scorched aching emptiness is perpetual because the substances, objects or pursuits they hope will soothe it are not what it will fix it. Many people can relate to this mode of lack, sometimes you don’t know what you need, and will try a multitude of things and stuff.

 There are many students I encounter in twenty years teaching that are like this. They are the dabblers doing  systems like Yoga, Qigong, Karate all at the same time and doing nothing but driving themselves crazy. If they stuck to one and became real close to it, they would have found contentment. But they cannot hear you and are like a Tornado tearing through life. The wisdom here is when one exist in a World of Insatiability, guess what you will eventually crack and break free. You will hit rock bottom something or someone will intervene. It can take though in some cases a lifetime. Insatiability is a nightmare for many people, it never goes away; it will haunt their lives because we are not engaged in being fully alive and present. 

6. The World of Personal Enlightenment: Sometimes it takes getting embarrassed by a teacher, friend or family member.  A wise teacher once scolded me and said "Embarrassment is the seed to Enlightenment; bet you will never do that again! The World of Personal Enlightenment/Spiritual Path of Cultivation focuses on our human Existence - right here and now is the only World of the above from which has a more brighter outlook. Christians, Taoist and Buddhist alike believe that personal enlightenment is at hand in our current life, yet only a few of us open their eyes and see it.

The Masters throughout the ages teach us that some of us dwell much of their lives in one World or another. Many of us possibly move back and forth between them, perhaps through all of them in the course of a single day. Be aware although Faith alone never halts problems; The things you own or money you may have does not as well. This statement a lesson in Karma " The things that you own; actually own you" is again loaded with many meanings as we have seen today in this journal entry.

The for sure win/win in a practical way is understanding personal cultivation, practicing proven daily enlightened wisdom always does. Masters of the Path like Lao Tsu, Buddha, Jesus of Nazereth and many others taught that belief in self identified charismatic teachers (#4) is dangerous; that instead of just believing in someone else, giving up personal power  or falling into cattle herd mentality, people should use their meditation practice to try to discover their own true nature. For this is the real power "Create Your Own Path ~Follow Your Own Aspirations ~ Make Your Own Moves~

Cheers Until Next Time...




Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Review: Rujing and Still Qigong by Tianjun Liu

We have many Qigong books available in English now, which has not always been the case. There are although very few must have books on Qigong although. If one were to view what was published prior to internet you will only see credible teachers published, if you know what to look for. Most Qigong books are equal in the sense they give only a introduction on the view teaching and one must truly study with the teacher of the text or a genuine teacher with references, to make it come alive.  This is important so one can continue and make progress, receive pointers and motivation to excel forward. 

The Age of Self Identified Masters of the Way

Back in China throughout the Qigong boom of the 1980's through early 2000's there were many frauds. To publish a book  in China on Qigong one had very high scrutiny and were generally presented before peer review groups before the final manual was done. There is now what I call "Self Identified Masters of the Way", the internet, has exploded a whole range of questionable teachers, books, videos, web forums and online marketing. For the novice and desperate seeking information one could be overwhelmed very easily. Many are taken advantage of as well. 

 "Rujing and Still Qigong - The Key to the Qigong Meditation State", is a genuine book on Qigong for it explains in much detail on many aspects of standardized Qigong meditation. There are many terms and explanations here that are not available in English elsewhere.

 Practitioners will get much use out of this wonderful book for practices such as Taoist Zuo Wang Meditation, Zhan Zhuang, Standing Meditation or Postural Qigong or even simple natural meditation done as you know it. For Buddhist Meditation students it give them access to different perceptions of specialized terms and ideas of practice which is generally from Taoist Lineage practice. The term "Rujing" which is used mostly in Taoist lineage traditions means training/cultivating the mind to exist in tranquility, and one to feel fresh and alert . The book is a good book for non experts also - for it also explains concepts in modern terms and uses perspective's from western psychology, parapsychology and cognitive research. So I give it "two Thumbs up", get the book while it is in print!    

Gary W. Abersold

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Architect of Self

~Create Your Own Path ~ Follow Your Own Aspirations ~
 ~Make Your Own Moves~ 

Message of the Moment: Best to be yourself rather than being a clone of someone else. Follow your path, embrace the aspirations you feel and yearn for. Take action - make your moves . Don't become "I would have, should have, could have been person".  Life will teach you that one must work hard to attain it. Whatever that passion is that has sparked a flame within you go after it! Most important thing is never second guess yourself.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Empower Yourself with the Tools of Preventative Health Care

 Are you ready (drum roll please) ~Tah Dah another President and another stab at trying to fix our Health Care System in the United States good luck, nobody has fixed it yet. President Obama although pointed the Country in the right direction with ACA, imperfect yes, but for the down and trodden gave them hope they would not die on the streets because of lack of economical viability. 

It is a sad state of affairs that we cannot have a national health care system, like that of almost anywhere else. The best chance we had although I believe was with Dennis Kucinich's proposal of  a universal single-payer, not-for-profit health care system, because that would have lift tens of millions of Americans out of poverty. A lofty dream... who am I kidding, our elected officials are predatory capitalist which makes you and me a cash crop for the Doctors, Insurance and the pharmaceutical companies. So lets face it the people that control this industry of Medicine which is great business really are out for just themselves.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Maintenance

 Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes health maintenance. Through our spiritual beliefs, foods, herbs and Healing Exercises/Meditations, people have successfully maintained great health. I personally began interest in East Asian Culture at age of 13 due to the very fact problems with limitations of Western Medicine. I had many health issues and have successfully been balanced from them for decades.  Will you still need western medicine?..for sure yes, but for the people whom lack that of economical viability Traditional Chinese Medicine could be a alternative if not a better choice in many ways. 

What the world will need is more properly trained teachers and therapist for the future to meet the needs of the public. Weekly healing support groups in many forms will be the gold for many. Teachers also need to offer the classes to all and not just the wealthy; for money is also a barrier for many to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine. If everyone has the tools of change at their disposal they would see that their need for the doctors will be less and less; stop making them rich, and you going broke! You would be surprised to know you can live a life free of over medication and doctor controlled lifestyle. The Qigong is the one tradition that can eradicate many common illness.

In closing I invite anyone looking to learn Qigong feel free to contact me, it's easy to learn and affordable. My classes are offered at affordable rates for almost any budget and noone is ever turned away because of their situation. I hope all the teachers I have taught will do the same as well. For one persona cannot do it alone. Below is a interesting series of journal articles by the Lancet Journal about US health and health care, which highlights how widening gaps of income inequality are driving increases in health inequity. Other contributory factors, including mass incarceration and structural racism, are evaluated, as is the impact of the Affordable Care Act. The Series warns of a 21st century health-poverty trap unless new interventions are implemented. Click the link below and see all related studies:


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Must See Special on Smart Phone Addiction

I must say was not surprised after watching this well researched show on "Brain Hacking" seen on 60 Minutes. The show interviews a ex google designer by name of Tristan Harris explaining how you don't even have a chance to not get addicted. It bothered  him so bad in which he has found another calling to educate society on the dangers of the technology.  I am not going to go on and on about this but you should really watch it and spread the word to your love ones. There are several mini segments as well you should see here.  

 In the past few years I have encountered quite a number of students hooked on Smart Phones. In many cases it has been so bad that several students cannot even last 20 minutes in a basic Qigong class without getting the shakes, cold sweats etc. from being away from their smart phone. This is very alarming to say the least and it is not going to get better until it get's even worse, until their is a large public outcry on it. 

 In the special you will see that there is even a company tracking how to jack up peoples Dopamine levels so get hooked even stronger.  Again watch the special.  There are two links the CBS Special and Tristan Harris website in which you would also should Check out.


CBS Link : 

Tristan Harris Website:

Friday, April 7, 2017

Question: How much practice is enough or required?

A common question often received in email is "It possible to do too much Tai Chi, Qigong or meditation? Every now and then students will ask me in classes, “How much practice is too much?” 

Introduction: A long time ago in a different place of time and space...It was the 1980's when I was learning these practice's. Beginning in Junior High School it was a vastly different culture and focus on standards of practice. It was very common to practice several hours a day, 3-6 times a week. There were very few Americans in these groups; it was mostly us guys in the classes as well. Many Masters did not allow women in the groups. A over the top dedication to your Sifu and the school was mandated as well. Students cleaned the school, helped the Master out with whatever they asked. Looking back I was young, fortunate and free from worldly obligations to fill up my day with practice in various forms. All information and techniques was personally and physically taught in person. We had to memorize practices on the spot, there were no video tapping or note taking as well.  

So it was a sink or swim game; we practiced more because everything was memorized and we had no Video Tapes, DVD's, Internet or handouts to fall back on. Was it better than today? I would say no, it was just different and each generation has it's value on how to educate for next generation of students. Today with fast pace of life, everything wired for speed many students just are not equipped to "woodshed" it out as in the old days. Many just don't see the value as well.       

With that being said I do believe that each generation should focus on "Qigong of today, Tai Chi of today or meditation standards of practice today". A worthwhile note as well is that typical in our culture, where we feel that if a little is good, more must be better. It is a common paradigm for Americans, to try and re-engineer anything we can get or hands on. This can be true with these traditions, but will only go so far. 

Cautionary Note for Eager Novice Teachers: A common problem is that many practitioners and teachers of today is they mis-appropriate practice, create their own video tape and water down way too many things. All good systems are well informed and documented in today's world. If you teach - promote your Teachers material, skills and all the great things you have learned along the way with them. There is nothing better than the original! Indigenous traditions should be honored in this way. Make no mistake about it, if you cheat your students out of crucial information and technique, they eventually will find out, and lose faith in the tradition. Many people in many areas have made many videos and books now and claim skills and backgrounds that they do not really have. This continues to be a problems filled with false and misleading information. Don't become part of the problem, be a genuine person focus on leading an example of quality and tradition.    

Less is More!

The Science in the study of Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation says that as little as 20 minutes delivers very tangible results. One of my Master teacher's is now 80 years old, I asked him during a practice in May of 2016, "how much does he practice"? He said with his busy schedule he practice's still no more than one hour per day. He also practices what he teaches as well. 

There is no need to practice for hours a day, and when people report doing so, often times they are not really accomplishing much better skill as well. The purpose of these practices is to help us to balance ourselves and engage more fully and healthfully in life. If we do too much of anything, we cannot find balance. I will concur that for a modern person practicing up to an hour a day is more than sufficient. We can do two twenty-minute sessions, or one longer session, per day. I recommend that you start with only five to ten minutes a day accomplishable goals because it is easier to set aside such a small chunk of time every day, no matter how busy your lifestyle or daily schedule.

 The advantage of starting slowly and following "less is more" as bendable guideline is that as you begin to feel the effects, your desire to practice increases naturally. When that happens, there is no need to force ourself to practice and, in fact, forcing ourselves to practice rarely leads to an quality, long-term practice. In closing for us that engage in these traditions as a "way of life" take an honest look at your schedule and plan accordingly. It is best to set yourself up for success, rather than setting goals that will be hard to achieve. Sometimes more is just more; it which is not better. :)