Sunday, June 26, 2016

Skip the Conferences; Mentor with a Teacher

A student asked me today what I thought of Qigong Conferences? I was not sure if he was talking about a One specific teacher of a particular tradition or what the story was. Then he explained he said lately he seen many groups like in Yoga, Qigong and other arts a multi teacher event over several days.

One of the common complaints I have with these setups is that so many conferences are one large marketing event. They are often driven by slide shows and talks which are often conceptual and informational only. The presenters are very charismatic and  have well oiled perfected speeches, full of inspiring catchphrases that make you feel pumped about starting something new. Then when you get home after the event only to have the endorphin rush wear off and to be hit with the realization that you didn't actually practice or  learn anything;  because you cannot learn how to cultivate a Qigong practice in this kind of event. Its more of a social event than anything and for selling of products and people to pass their resume out. Granted I am sure there are good conferences that happen, but for the money you would be better off training with a teacher one on one in their city and really learning one particular aspect.

The cost for these events do add up which can cost well over $1,200.00 - $3,000.00; this is travel, hotels, meals and cost to get access in the event. So for the disenfranchised, sick and people whom are desperate for real teachings it puts them pretty much out in the cold. I personally think if you are totally a non experienced practitioner it could be worth the expensive fees if you have no way of connecting to a real tradition or teacher. 

But in today's world although, I find it hard to believe for someone not to connect to a authentic lineage or practitioner. Everyone has a website of some type, so you can shop around and find someone who resonates to you. The first choice would always be one on one with the teacher, the second choice would be a "Focused Learning Workshop" over several days. The third choice ala ~ the "Conference" could be worth it, if a famous Master Teacher was there that would make a difference in your practice. So it comes down to "expressing ones inner will" and getting some practical experience. Myself I am not a fan of marketing of the East Asian Traditions I feel it does it disservice and often gets mis - represented by many self righteous marketers out for the quick dollar. Quality Qigong instruction should be available, to the masses and should not require one to take a small loan out to foot the event. :) 


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nine Palaces Yang Sheng Fa of White Cloud Monastery

Nine Palace's Yang Sheng Fa Workshop
June 26, 2016 11:00am-6:00pm
 Cost only $450.00
Dr. Baolin Wu
  Study with a fully trained Indigenous Master Healer Doctor and Cultivator of the Tao. If you traveled to China and were so lucky to find a teacher it would be in the thousands of Dollars for sure.  The practice is excellent. Dr. Wu is located in Santa Monica California; go straight to a source tradition Master Teacher. Learn how the Taoist approach cultivating the Qi and flowing with nature. 
   So  it is the last opportunity of the year to study the Nine Palaces Tradition with Dr. Baolin Wu in Santa Monica California. Most likely in the Autumn will be the opposite side of the Nine Palaces sometimes known as the "Moon Cultivation's" and the 5 Centres Tradition. Some of the focus here will be on the following:

(A): Taoist Xiu Lian (內丹修煉功) spiritual purification for Year of the Monkey.  Meditation in combination with movements, what Taoist monks focus on  within white cloud monastery. Year of the Monkey Nei Dan meditation.

(B): Learn an authentic transmission of the Small Heavenly Cycle:

 Learn to safely  open Ren, Du Channel, let chi flow through freely, "embrace the teaching of I improve my own immunity, and  prolong life". The tradition  promotes the Yang energy ascending, Yin energy descending, balancing internal organs, reaching equilibrium with nature, reverse competitive antagonism business & relationships. Prevent Alzheimer's, memory deterioration, insomnia, superfluous dreams, fatigue.

(C): The Shakyamuni Buddha Nirvana Gong: Understanding the Nirvana of Spirit and Transcendence Orientation of Life.

(D): Learn the concept's of daily nourishing and Nurturing of life Taoism Health Maintenance, which embrace balance of Food, routine, exercise and meditation.

For more details for sure contact the office At:  

 Beijing Chinese Medical Center
1551 Ocean Ave. Suite 210
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310-458-1788 (24hr)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Collective Qigong Practice ~ Notes based on Qigong Master Yan Xin

The Collective Qigong Practice

Collective Qigong Practice; Group Classes, Healing Enclaves with practitioners, is what we refer to as "collective energy field"; which is not of the magnetic fields or gravitational fields in space, but rather the "qi fields" created when we give classes or lectures with emitted qi. 

When members of the group at such lectures feel the influence of the qi field, some of them may be balanced of their disorders or have their conditions improved, while some people could shout or cry, sway or move around, and some people confined to wheelchairs even get up and walk again. The scientific community in China thought these qi fields are strange. Are the effects psychological, or do they come from the qi? 

To seek the answer to this question, they did some experiments. Wang Yaolan and Lu Zuyin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences High Energy Physics Institute have done many such experiments. They invited Dr. Yan Xin to give a lecture, with emitted qi, at the Political Institute in Beijing. Wang Yaolan brought a lithium fluoride heat-releasing light detector of a type usually used for measurement of radiation dosage. The idea was to check the indicator to see if it responded to the qi field. The result was that, by the end of the three-hour-and-ten-minute lecture with emitted qi, the instrument registered a very strong response to the qi field.

In October 1987, they took measurements at four different lectures with emitted qi by Dr. Yan Xin, at different places, and also did similar tests on two other Qigong practitioners. It gave the same result. This shows that Qigong energy fields have an objective reality. 

The skill/technique of "collective field creation" used by us qigong practitioners for group Qigong practice or healing, also has an objective basis. In this "collective field creation" practice or healing technique, we use mind power of intention to saturate and shower an area or group of people in different ways, to gain more access to the immediate environment at that moment. Then the head practitioner sends their energy to the entire group, and in this way we achieve our results more easily in this way. This is a traditional East Asian skilled technique for using mind intention/attention to influence an area, often applied in classes, healing enclaves, lectures with emitted "qi energy". So scientific experiments not only advance our knowledge, they also provide an data answer to those who have their heads stuck in the intellectual clouds and try to deny Collective Qigong, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis and Remote Viewing Healing of Traditional Schools. 


This first article above is just a starter on Dr. Yan Shin. I had heard about him in the mid 1980's and interest was always there. Recently in May 2016 the Professor whom I was studying advanced Qigong Healing with surprisingly, in conversation stated he had taught Yan Xin Qigong for quite sometime. To back his story up he brought out many old pictures of Yan Xin practicing with him. Yan Xin looked younger and not as polished as he is in popular publications. This was very interesting since it shed much light on the how Yan Xin became famous for "Collective Healing" and "Remote Healing" abilities. Also interesting is and very typical how the professor was never given credited for teaching much of Yan Xin's base methods. I guess he wanted to protect his popular place in Qigong.  

So moving on, I have several publications and obscure footage on him. Throughout the years several Master level teachers friends of mine had studied his method; and I was always amazed by the beyond the surface details he had taught. His story is mysterious, full of lore and muddled within the rise and fall of Qigong from the late 1970's up to summer of 1999. Read Qigong Fever by David Palmer, a well written book that gives a great deal of what went on in Central China.       

Dr. Yan Shin was considered one of the most popular of Qigong masters. He was a unknown doctor of Chinese medicine until he performed a miraculous healing that appeared in the local newspapers. He healed and gave lectures in China and in the United States. Many scientific experiments have been done with him and received much overage in the media. He wrote many books and appeared in lots of Chinese Qigong Journals as well. He became the most popular with many of the large Qigong factions. He pretty much has disappeared out of the popular circles or visibility due to politics, and lots of other factors. Stories and lore of Yan Shin still circulate throughout Qigong groups everywhere. Will he remerge for a new era?... one can only speculate.  

Throughout the years the various stages of Yan Shin Qigong has been promoted by many they knew it. Its been adapted from traditional Qigong, which are shared practices in many traditions. It hard to say to what extent whats been kept in or modified. More to come in the future.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Research Supports Tai Chi helps Aching Knees

 The following article by respected Dr. Andrew Weil gives his objective view on Tai Chi Practice for Knee issues. I will add a properly trained teacher in Therapeutic style Tai Chi would be the takeaway here for giving it a try. If you are local in Michigan the Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow practice, is perfect for anyone and comes from years of  research and application since the 1970's. If interesting contacted me ~ Gary W. Abersold

Practicing tai chi could be as effective as physical therapy to relieve arthritic knee pain. A new study also found that tai chi offered an additional benefit: it significantly eased depression among seniors experiencing pain, swelling, tenderness and stiffness caused by knee arthritis. 

Researchers at Boston's Tufts Medical Center recruited 200 people whose average age was 60. Most were overweight or obese - both risk factors for knee arthritis - and had been dealing with the condition for an average of 8 years. The study participants were assigned to practice either tai chi with a trained instructor twice a week for 12 weeks or undergo physical therapy twice a week for six weeks, followed by another six weeks of monitored home exercise. After 12 weeks, all the participants responded to a questionnaire designed to assess their pain, stiffness and joint functioning. Both groups had similar and significant improvements, which the researchers reported lasted up to a year.

My take? Tai chi is an effective form of mental and physical stimulation. It is an ideal practice for overall health and especially beneficial for those with osteoarthritis, as this new study shows. Like yoga, tai chi is a reliable method of reducing stress and promoting relaxation, and it fosters flexibility, balance, and body awareness. It is also pleasing to watch and perform, and may be particularly helpful for seniors, because it reduces risk of injury from falls.