Sunday, September 10, 2017

Passing of my Father

Thomas W. Abersold
4-7-36 ~ 9-7-17

Dear Students and Friends of Qigong Healing Center,

This past week Thursday 4/7/2017 my father passed away with me at his side at 4pm, after 15 months battle of Brain Cancer. He told me he is ok, and took his last three breaths and released ; he fought a good fight and had enough of this crap to say the least. I had transferred him yesterday from the V.A. as one last wheedle attempt to buy him more time and possible give him a few more month's of peace; but I knew it was a long shot at best, it was just too late he was already transitioning as early as Wednesday night. Labor Day was the last day we had fluid conversations...and it became apparent what was happening.

The last two weeks he started losing alot of weight and my last four visits we said our goodby's. It was the hardest thing to see a man with great health, wisdom, wit and zest to shrink away so quickly. I brought him back to the area so my family good be there and he wouldn't pass without us at the V.A.

My father was/is the behind the scenes hero in my life; a great motivator, caring man and the best friend anyone could ever imagine. I was lucky to have him for the first half of my life so far and will have his energy and spirit to forge forward in coming years. He loved everyone I knew and was interested in everyone as well. He came from a era when people where just good quality people you could always count on.

I am very proud that we were able to spend the last 18 years together day in - day out; he had a great retirement. I am also very proud that I was able to take care of him to the very end and he knew he could count on me matter what. I never let him down on any aspect, with that he had a easy time with it all. He fought a good fight and went out on his terms.So obviously I will be taking a few weeks off from classes, possibly longer to self heal and regroup for the future. I will still work on website and forum although and will email updates.  I appreciate everyone that  gave me support to stay in the fight with my dear father; and for that I will never forget. :) Be happy celebrate his life, everything will be ok.


 Gary Abersold      

For anyone whom like to donate to his funeral please use the link below. We appreciate everyone's generosity in any amount. The funeral cost is $3,100 outside the V.A Benefits.