Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Opinion ~ John McCain: A True Leader and National Hero

Above: John McCain is escorted by Lt. Cmdr. Jay Coupe Jr. to Hanoi's Gia Lam Airport on March 14, 1973, after 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war. The enduring spirit that never caved in.  

John McCain: The True American Spirit
For most of my childhood I witnessed the aftermath of what the Vietnam war did to the men and women that served our country; it literally amputated their soul in half. A very unpopular war and our society in many areas did not support them or welcome them back either.  Lets face it we treated them like second class citizens, they were treated unfair, but yet they gave all for the country. It was a troubled time for sure. 

I still find it amazing that John McCain survived the brutal treatment as a POW for 5 1/2 years and stuck it out with his fellow soldiers. He could of easily took the easy route but he did not he took the hard road because it was just and right. He followed the code of honor, integrity and to have each others back in the face of adversity. He did not cut and run or cave in; he understood everyone had to be there for each other. This is why hes a true American Hero and be remembered as a Icon for sure. 

 I voted for John McCain when he ran the second time around against Barack Obama. I simply thought he deserved it and had proved he was a true leader. I have no problems with President Obama, he did a great job as a president.  It all worked for the good anyway, the universe always balances things out for higher purposes. 
It is troubling that we have a sitting President who cannot even put his petty personal insecurity to rest during the national wake for Senator McCain. He is obviously jealous of his heroics and knows he will never be loved like Senator McCain. That's because John McCain had integrity and character which showed through life actions, and will be remembered for it. 

Dear President Donald Trump,

Why did you hate John McCain so much? I think you owe the American people a simple answer; or is it because hes everything you will never be...a real Icon, Hero and good person.

Gary Abersold
American Citizen  


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Teacher Announcement

Congratulations to Bella Hebert for passing the  Tai Chi ~Chi Flow (太極氣流) Teacher Certification Test. She is one of the first students I began teaching the beginning elements of the system to here in Michigan three years ago. Bella is now Certified in the Level I of the Tai Chi ~Chi Flow System. 

 Bella has been teaching Qigong classes for several years now, runs a ongoing Qigong program in Livonia and in Lyon Township. A dedicated Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan practitioner as well.  I met Bella way back in fall of 2002 when I taught my first large group class of Qigong at Renaissance Unity Church. She has been a dedicated student and practitioner for over 16 years and understands my teachings of my master Teachers better than anyway here at Qigong Healing Centre. 

She also is a woman of many talents certified in Jose Silva Meditation Method, excellent painter, licensed hair stylist for many decades with a private clientele, great parent and grandparent to her family and much more. The most admired quality of Bella besides here of her long list of achievements is that of a Genuine person. Students and friends like her classes because of her aura of receptivity to participate and enjoy life.