Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wisdom of Tendai Buddhism

Wisdom of Ajari Yusai Sakai 

"The world today is one in which there is no empathy, or feeling of gratitude, there are no bonds holding people together. There is no way that politics or economy can go well in such an environment... I want to tell people living today to live with empathy and compassion"

                                 Sakai YĆ«sai's Message
"Live each day as if it were your whole life." "Don't get wrapped up in what you have been up to now. Suck in your gut and live your life to the best of your abilities." 

Spiritual growth is not all peaches and cream and good feeling aphorisms, to make one feel good for the moment. This is something that will ween fairly fast in over technology based, fast paced world.  Many are searching ideals; I say turn to time tested traditions.  

 The statement by the late great Tendai Buddhist Master Yusai Sakai "Live each day as if it were your whole life;"offers I believe true wisdom. Time is truly short, I can remember beginning in Tendai Buddhism at 13 and I am now in my late 40's.  It was a blink of an eye in cosmic terms. 

Wisdom is Like Water it Flows

The other night I taught a Army Veteran of several wars a spiritual practice and passed on a special Mala bracelet I have had for many years; waiting for the right person. For whatever reason It was like coming full circle. I have done countless healing and teachings but this gentleman stood out among many in the last few years. I could see he was beat up and tired of being ran around by whomever. I gave him the same message that Shihan Katsumi gave me at 13 "No matter what you're circumstance you deserve a fresh start".

Tendai Buddhism saved my life and gave me a foundation. I was deathly ill and with many problems. I worked on myself on many levels. It's a lifetime journey although and Its easy to get lazy and not deal with our "shadow self". As we get older we will have new shadows to re cycle as well. In Chinese traditions its called Xiu Lian (shew lian) Spiritual Journey; and that's what it is... a long but joyous  journey until we unzip out of our physical body and travel to the next mission.

  Tendai Buddhism offered me at a young age a vehicle for self realization, peace and a workable model that did not fall ill to changing times. It is very structured in which it helped me staying aligned in life.

 I am grateful to Master teacher Katsumi Koku for allowing me in his life. A spiritual Master, powerful energy healer and like an angel on my shoulder to guide me to become successful.  Everything he predicted about my life and the future has come true.  I see him laughing at me holding his four fingers and counting "I told you so"!

So everyone you encounter in life will try and guide you whats the truth for you. The ultimate truth is what are achievable plans and is it a right match with you're personality. Only you can answer that. You also need to have desire, and a unshakable conviction to see things through. My journey has been a perfect match along the way; it most likely is not perfect for hardly anyone else. Ultimately whatever you believe and follow dive in with conviction and positive energy, I guarantee you it will be full of true prosperity, that beyond our worldly standards.  Keep on the Path of your Life Traditions...