Saturday, November 4, 2017

Positive Things to Focus On

Our destiny will be decided the same way it always has been: by all of us; by we, the people: by selfless and engaged citizens who step forward and speak out to guard the values that make us who we are — not just when there’s an election, but every day,” - President Barack Obama.

Dear Students, Friends and Colleague's of Qigong Healing Centre:

I would like to personally thank everyone for their generous contributions in all forms during the passing of my father. Time moves forward and each day gets betterMy father was a huge supporter of Chinese Medicine and had great results with it. The Herb Formula's, Acupuncture, and Qigong I administered to him made a huge difference in his life. He never suffered with typical Brain Cancer symptoms and was of great spirit to the end. In 20 years of various therapies and disorders he did very well.

Although like he had told me in the end "all life has to transform eventually even with the best measures at hand". The lesson to be shared here in my opinion, be there with your loved ones daily even if you know nothing except being a compassionate Father, Wife, Son or Daughter; the silent participation is healing and soothing for the afflicted. I was grateful to be in a position to be there for my father day and night. 

But Wow....much is going on in the Popular World!

Above I ran across the image and quote in my system today after reading all the emotional headlines going on Eminem,  Trump, tweets and lots of allegations in all forms happening. There's an old business lesson to be learned with all of this "its easy to point out problems; but ones that can change things for the better are truly agents of change". We need people to lead others to the change not just rant about it or blame others. 

 What I know for sure is that President Obama is still caring the torch to motivate people for collective change and a brighter future ahead. I don't like using this website as a sounding board for movements or politics, but I like what I see going on at:    

Don't forget this is the guy as a junior Senator wrote a visionary book with the best title for a book ever "The Audacity of Hope". Read if you have not, class updates and new material will be uploaded later this month. Keep strong with your personal practice, only you can achieve the results you seek. :)