Thursday, August 17, 2017

Meditation Key to Better Qigong Skill

The practice of Meditation is the most underestimated practice in Qigong circles. All the top Masters I know have strong meditation practice in their personal life and so should you. I recommend practice in a group or a Theravada Buddhist Temple. In this way you can learn the original calming & insight system. In most cases these classes are offered by donation; so there really is no excuse not to practice. The above graphic gives the bullet points for the common user. Right Click and enlarge image.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Opinion: Remember the Past to Change the Future

Above: John Lennon and Yoko Ono reading the Tao Teh Ching

Excerpt from a interview: When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the systems game. The establishment will irritate you: pull ones beard, flick your face to make you fight. Because once they got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don't know how to handle is non-violence and humor ~John Lennon

Remember the Past to Change the Future

I can remember as a kid the fall of Saigon and the end of Vietnam War. Even at a young age I felt a life of uncertainty and possible strife. I used to think what kind of world are we living in where all these guys go and just get killed for the guys in the suits up there at the White House. It would really encapsulate me trying to figure out why wars break out. I use to wonder would our family be safe where I lived?.. or would we end up like the poor innocent people of  "Nam" the disposable citizens of the politicians.    

 Walking through the local park where I grew up you would run into Vietnam Vets hanging out; I would ask many of them about the war and they would just brush me off as "let's not go there kid"...take a hike. They had the classic hardened faces of war; but when you looked in their eyes you could get lost in the gaze of the million mile stare; a stare that was transfixed in a place far away, in a different time and place. I will never forget their face's its burned into my mind forever; something you never forget. A soldiers subdivided soul still there in the Nam with all their fallen buddy's that never came home and many missions they faithfully lived through. For sure a part of them is still there frozen in the confusion of a senseless war. No painkillers can numb a shattered soul; they will need years of dissolving the pain away slowly.

I am 49 years old, and there is still racism, hatred because the way one looks, ethnic religious faction's killing people in the name of "God". We still have only a cease fire between North Korea and South Korea from 64 years ago. Many wars have came and gone, too many lives lost. A student asked my take on recent events in the news, can Meditation and Qigong heal the world from these things? My answer is that it's alot more complicated than that, but it cannot hurt that for sure.

 Our culture needs to focus on positive things that make a difference in peoples life. Teaching young parents how to raise and develop their family's, Healing arts, natural healing, education, health care and demanding better programming in the media to name a few. The return of being physically more connected to each other; shut our silly little phones off, BE PRESENT. Life is to precious... be connected to your love ones it could be the last time you see them. There are no guarantees in life that everyone will live to a ripe old age. It could be your last opportunity to connect with whomever you are with. If the cable news makes you sad or angry; turn the garbage off. Only let positive enriching things into your consciousness.    

Above I posted a picture of John and Yoko reading the Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tsu; and  how cool is that. I long for his presence in our world today; we would be better if he was still around. He was a person that had a strong voice in non violence and dialogue, a wonderful musician as well. I find it troubling although that everyone in the last 50 plus years that tried to make lasting positive change was assassinated. JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Medgar Evers, Mohandas Ghandi, Anwar Sadat to name a few. What does that say about our Society?

We all should remember the past; and learn from the history of the so many that have fallen. If we want a bright future our society will need to change; massive action will create lasting change. We have been down this road so many times and the end result will be same. War, racism and darkness will only lead us only to more of the same. The World needs a morality wake up call, and focus on healing what "separates us"; and focus on "uniting us" is the answer. Until then we will be constantly getting much of the same. It's not a lofty prediction or goal it is very real, but will you stand up to create lasting change? Again to answer my students question as I began writing this article - for sure if more and more people learned how to self heal and create balance, many better choices will be made. It will give everyone the tools to live from a elevated consciousness and make solid choices. For sure the younger generation that will shape our worlds future need these tools in their precious life.     


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Please help Iris Lu with Freeing her Mother


8/15/2017: 32,834 supporters 2,166 needed still to reach 35,000! Please share with any means necessary online... Iris is very close getting to the 35,000 signatures for her petition. If this was your parent I am sure you would do anything necessary to accomplish it. Please help her out now sign the petition if you have not. It's the right and moral thing to do. 
Introduction: Please help Iris Lu with signing her petition. He Mother is a devout Falun Dafa practitioner that's been persecuted for her spiritual cultivation beliefs. I am not a Falun Dafa follower, but feel for her, could happen to any path with corrupt governments deeming what anyone does. No-one should be persecuted for their beliefs. Please sign her petition; her as you can shes in dire need of a miracle and support of the community. ~ Gary W. Abersold

Please follow link and sign petition help her out:

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bonafide Systems are of Value

Fuel for Practice
The most important part of studying and partaking in East Asian Culture and - I would add in life in general - is what is commonly known simply as walking the path of "ethicality". This simply means to follow a personal code of conduct of goodness, uprightness, decency, honesty, integrity and tradition. How one carry's themselves personally will manifest outwardly to all they encounter. 

 Question: A student asked me this week in my morning class is making your "own qigong form" or "hodge podging" different methods together ok?.. like East Indian Yoga with Qigong?

Answer: It's very risky, possibly dangerous if you donot have professional training and certainty.  Most of the modern Qigong that developed during the late 1950's through current era where vetted and scrutinized by many Qigong commissions and society's, that had the top experts within. There did exist many lesser practices that never where approved. They ran into what we have in our western culture the problem of "self identified masters"; that have no link to any credible lineage, Teacher or credentials of any type. In those cases they were banned from the whole movement and unable to teach their brand of Qigong.
       The Way of Tradition
Following a path of "ethicality" is honoring and venerating the ancestors; even if they are from a land not of yours. Honoring tradition and ancestors is a integral part of the East Asian household in general. It is also not uniquely just found in Asia, can be found in many traditional cultures. Western culture is "culture-less" in the aspect that it is a land without tradition, except for Native Americans. Let's not forgot the truth is that United States was/is  hijacked from it's original inhabitants.

 The history is sad but true. For many modern practitioner's you may never been exposed to this teaching before, but it's important, lineage and time tested traditions are highly valued. I would say beware of anything that cannot be backed up. It's really easy to understand... without tradition, lineage, and ancestors we would not have anything today, nor practices or anything concrete or credible.  This is a big point what Chinese Medicine in general is built on, a venerable system with a long history of success. 

In the household traditions it is taught by the elders, that our spiritual ancestors are still present observing our deeds and actions and truly assisting to help us all the time. How you carry yourself in life, and in traditional practices will determine how successful you will be in the future. A clear map is better than trying to plow your own way; follow the tradition and one will be successful, as the thousands that have been before you. Any aspect of East Asian Culture of today is only great and time tested because of the personal skill and ability of many gifted enlightened practitioners and followers of the Way loooong before us. :) 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sterling Heights Michigan - Qigong Classes with Gary W. Abersold

Late Summer - Autumn Qigong Classes
 Gary W. Abersold

Introduction: There are new Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow Classes being held in Sterling Heights Michigan. By end of September I will have three teachers Certified whom after a 1 1/2 years practice and learning with me can effectively begin to teach the Energy Release, Chi Cultivation and beginner Flow Forms. So until then I am the only one that can properly teach this tradition. My goal is to be able to offer this abroad in Health Clubs, Community Centres, Gilda's Club, Youth Homes, people that are incarcerated, Military personal and Veterans. It's easy to learn and I have a vast amount of resource material for the serious student, that comes with the practice.    

    This is a perfect practice for anyone looking to truly have a Qigong routine that delivers and one can count on, each and every day. There are many practices that I have taught over the last 21 years of teaching; the Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow System is a genuine approach for beginners or experienced practitioners looking for something different. The brilliance of the tradition is that it is very tangible, new students feel their energy very quickly. This is taught in China and abroad even in Wutang Taoist Temples, Groups. A friend of mine that is a Monk teaches his version of it to all his personal disciples as a base for their Tai Chi Chuan understanding.              

Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow (太極氣流): Syncretic System of Tai Chi Chuan, and Healing Qigong practice, which has became very popular, over the past 40 years in China. Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow is not "Tai Chi Chuan" (Martial Art Tai Chi) , it is a healing form of Tai Chi, emphasizing Chi Flow - "life force energy". It is the best practice for anyone looking for health and wellness; and will prepare one better for traditional Tai Chi Chuan Systems as well. It's the Tai Chi training that almost no community centre class will ever offer, that are all so needed .

Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow has been scientifically tested and medically proven. The first entry level practice is designed to improve the general health and well-being of the practitioner. The gentle flow patterns and stretching movements improve circulation and digestion. The chest exercises and controlled breathing are good for lung conditions and asthma. And the overall effect of the exercise is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body. What can it do for you:

  • Improves health
  • Increases energy, agility and flexibility
  • Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles
  • Normalizes energy congestion
  • Rejuvenates body, breath, energy, mind and spirits
  • Dissolves stress away
  • Develops concentration
  • Balances emotions

This Tradition is very effective and easy to learn. It is practiced throughout Asia, and is considered a national health exercise in Malaysia and Indonesia. Come learn about this unique system and my Master Teacher's related healing modalities. A DVD and two Audio Cd's are provided for home learning, away from class. For more information email us at


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Expansion: New Locations for Qigong Classes

Participation in Life is Key - To Move Forward

Participation in life is key; Don't become the "would have, should have or could have person" one day in the rocking chair.  The important thing to do in learning and progressing in Qigong is getting practical experience. You cannot cultivate your Chi from reading a book, surfing the web or watching a video. It takes real practical experience; this is a big beginner tip. There are many benefits from being in a Qigong group such as learning faster, meeting like minded people who are into Qigong and hey how about mastering it! If you are reading this aren't you sick of being on the sidelines; get out of the drought and get your chi filled and activated.   

 It will take much effort and follow through in classes to begin to penetrate through the mystery of it all.  If you want more you have to participate for it. I have invested much personal effort in teaching various students on Qigong since 1994 and many now are certified in well rounded levels of qigong. one cannot go wrong with the teachers I have certified, they are all different and unique.

The following link can begin to get you started locally in Southeastern Michigan areas. Express your inner will and begin to reap the benefits from a timeless tradition that will add much quality and value to your personal and family life: