Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Expansion: New Locations for Qigong Classes

Participation in Life is Key - To Move Forward

Participation in life is key; Don't become the "would have, should have or could have person" one day in the rocking chair.  The important thing to do in learning and progressing in Qigong is getting practical experience. You cannot cultivate your Chi from reading a book, surfing the web or watching a video. It takes real practical experience; this is a big beginner tip. There are many benefits from being in a Qigong group such as learning faster, meeting like minded people who are into Qigong and hey how about mastering it! If you are reading this aren't you sick of being on the sidelines; get out of the drought and get your chi filled and activated.   

 It will take much effort and follow through in classes to begin to penetrate through the mystery of it all.  If you want more you have to participate for it. I have invested much personal effort in teaching various students on Qigong since 1994 and many now are certified in well rounded levels of qigong. one cannot go wrong with the teachers I have certified, they are all different and unique.

The following link can begin to get you started locally in Southeastern Michigan areas. Express your inner will and begin to reap the benefits from a timeless tradition that will add much quality and value to your personal and family life: