Friday, December 21, 2018

News: Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Teacher Announcement + more


Congratulations to Pat Roach who finished her Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Level I Set Training this week. Pat was in my first rollout group of 20 students and stayed dedicated and learned it properly. I can see the difference it has made in her life. 

I have a personal new website you can get a hold of me here or to see whats going on. Also there is my twitter account: I use twitter like a short online journal to share thoughts, ideas etc. 

Its taking time to shift onto my new site and update google + pages. I was very disappointed how the web service I used double there prices and made it over priced after almost 20 years being dedicated to their company. I cancelled to send a message that donot take their customers for granted!

Gary W. Abersold