Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27 2015 - October 27 2015 Powerful Portal & Moon Cultivation

Full Moon Cultivation

Today (September 27th, 2015) marks the "Full Moon"; which is now closest to Earth. We will all feel a strong magnetic pull actually for the next 30 days until October 27, 2015.  Ubiquitous in East Asian Traditions, millions practice the moon tradition each and every month. Although the next 30 days so are a great portal for Healing Treatments, Personal healing, and igniting change in ones life. This coincides with the nature of the energy of Year of the Ram as well. A time period to clean house, improve and move forward for a better quality of life.

Modern Astronomers call this a "Super Moon"; and  have geared up to witness this rare phenomenon, as a lunar eclipse. A super-moon occurs when the Moon is in the closest part of its orbit to Earth, meaning it appears larger in the sky. The eclipse - expected to make the Moon appear red in color - will be visible in North America, South America, West Africa and western Europe.

I read that Nasa claims a super-moon last coincided with a lunar eclipse in 1982 and is not expected to again until 2033. But the definition of a super-moon is debated among astronomers. Sky watchers in the western half of North America, the rest of Europe and Africa, the Middle East and South Asia will see a partial eclipse. From the UK, observers will see the Moon pass through the Earth's shadow in the early hours of Monday morning. In North and South America the eclipse will be seen on Sunday evening.

The most basic element of this practice is follow naturalness and position the body so the entire front of the body and palms align to the moon. This can be done in a seated or standing position.  If possible practice around trees water and away from distraction, technology.