Friday, January 16, 2015

Update--Book Review: Still Point of the Turning World

This special book called "Still Point of the Turning World by Carol A. Wilson "; Essentially is the Life of Gia Fu Feng. This is a book for anyone who would like a snapshot of a time when everything was special and new, in regard to the Way of East Asian Healing. The 1960's and 1970's was a explosion of new thought and a new time. Nothing culturally has been the same since; from Politics, to healing the body and freedom of expression can be encapsulated in these time periods. It can be said that many long to know someone like Gia Fu Feng obviously a fascinating individual.

 Many remember Gia Fu-Feng for his colorful life in which he learned and taught alongside some of the most popular greatest prophets of WOW; such as Jack Kerouac and Alan Watts. The text is a journey of a movement of American Taoism's unsung hero through his life and work, he sought to bring the ancient wisdom of the Tao into the west. His translation of the Tao Te Ching has sold over millions of copies and is widely considered to be one of the most influential versions for the non expert. 

I always like books like this that try document someone who tried and make a difference in peoples life. Teaching these traditions is always a complicated one for teachers. Trying to educate the non initiated, non experts can cause alot of grey hair...for most Americans cannot appreciate following the value of tradition, effort and connecting to a historical path that may seem irrelevant to their current time.  The book delivers the energy and specialness of his life and teachings I believe. A go to book for the "newbe"...forget all the popular books out there, this book delivers wisdom versus just information.   

Ok so you can say I am biased too. I remember when Kung Fu, Qigong, Tai Chi and Esoteric Meditation was very underground and special. It was not polluted by modernity, technology and marketers. There was a difference in quality it when it was controlled by the Asian Community that is for sure. We can also say its hard to be objective when we remember people like a Gia Fu Feng, Alan Watts or John Blofeld. They were great teachers who had that special innate ability. There are only a handful of relevant teachers out here in the West I would consider worth following around. His story could motivate you and do something with your life as well.

With all the books that are trying to teach a sliver aspect of practice - be it Taiji, Qigong or various meditations. Save your money find a teacher or a group. If you seek spiritual soul food and look to do independent study on a special person and time; I believe this book will nourish you're soul. It will offer something beyond trying to figure out practice through a book. Buy the book study and seek the relevance of the message.

When you are done with it save it for a younger person to nourish their soul as well. For it is a well written quality book of history, message and the love of the Tao...the younger generation needs to be nurtured and this is such a book..two thumbs up on this one for sure!

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