Sunday, August 30, 2015

Student & Teacher Affinity Key for Getting Ahead

A interesting truth in the Traditional Ways of East Asia is the prerequisite of "affinity". A teacher and Student affinity, sharing an innate karmic link; a sense of "togetherness" was a first step in deciding whom would study and learn and those who would not. Often times teachers donot accept everyone who approaches them for instruction. Many cannot understand this; commonly most unknowing novices treat teachers and classes like a item they buy at a store. They feel I cut you a check you will be able to make me a Master level student/practitioner in due time. This is treating the tradition like a commodity and will turn off almost any credible teacher. So be aware that just cause you show up at someones school or practice center, it might be the only visit.

 Many years ago a World  famous Hong Kong Sifu interviewed me three times and then auditioned me for his group before he let me into his Kung Fu School. I knew the deal but I was not sure if I made the cut. I passed good enough to begin the hazing process of being the newbie. Then after all that he made me pledge my allegiance to him and his Master, and vow I would do whatever they asked. To this day I still feel obligated to my oath and promises I made. So this was a typical process even here in America. It was intense, but I totally understood.

There has been many students who have came along despite their personal motivations and kindness toward myself or the tradition, just never make it through; or its very short lived. What happens is a overwhelming "non likeness", the student not possessing the correct attitude of respect, the appropriate levels of knowledge, the right experience, or not sharing an innate karmic link with the myself or the teachings. It's not the norm but does happen; and its good both for myself and the student.

The "sense of togetherness" must be there or one will not want to study and practice and advance. This is important for the mentor; for they will be encourage to teach you truly. We live in a world of money, advertisements and business, but this innate quality still exist in the teachings regardless of what the popular cliques would tell you. I can tell usually in a short time who will do well and who won't. Those ones who don't are all wrong for myself and myself for them.

For seekers on the path keep this in mind not only to be prepared for what one might ask you to do. Also to remind yourself that, if its not feeling right bow out humbly and move on. It's a large world with many roads to travel! I appreciate the questions Thank You...