Monday, July 31, 2017

Update DVD Review: Qigong for Cancer

Recently did a viewing of the "Qigong for Cancer" DVD; the synopsis its a well put together program for anyone interested in Qigong. Its filmed in crystal clear high definition video, filmed at the Shou Yu Liang Institute in Vancouver. Directions are clear and Helen does different angles to emphasize alignment on exercises.  The exercises are laid out as follows:

Lung/Large Intestine
Heart/Small Intestine
Pericardium/Heart/Triple Burner
Qi Channel Stimulation
Relation Method

There's a total of 15 exercises; which are modified exercises from her family's Taoist, Buddhist and Martial Art background, for helping people rejuvenate with Qigong. I learned many of these exercises at her fathers school with father but in more advanced forms. They have been although properly adapted for Health Rejuvenation and Maintenance Qigong for the common person, not expert level.

 The exercises use alot of visualization guidance and early intermediate technique that might throw someone really ill for a loop without a teacher. One may get frustrated, and not carry on because of the complexity of using intermediate mind intention visualization techniques. With that being said the practice is a great arrangement, for anyone with a little experience. The video footage is basically laid out "learn as you seem fit" for you. Take one exercise at a time, learn it and practice for a few weeks, to a month before proceeding.

 There is no discussion on disorders and using these Qigong exercises or how to apply them. It would have been nice for the newer student or someone ill to have a little info. It's also unclear if they have tested the method out on Qigong Cancer Support Groups; my personal view is it would have been better titled "Qigong Rejuvenation & Health Maintenance Method".

Don't Medicinalize Qigong, Tai Chi & Yogic Arts!
 It's a trend to sell Qigong as Medical, for Cancer etc. to attract the common citizen; which can often be misleading kinda like a marketing angle. People are more well served if it's presented as "Healing", which eludes to anything that can make one whole again. I also personally thinks it's a mistake to push Qigong as Medicine, Medical or even worse scientific; which does not even coincide with Traditional Chinese Medical Philosophy. It should stay to its roots of "nourishing and nurturing life", and personal spiritual cultivation or even simply "Therapeutic" would be a better idea. The closer it gets entangled in Science/Technology, the more removed from it spiritual intrinsic value it will become in the public domain. It then might not even be East Asian Qigong for that matter.

So at any rate I give this program A+; it's well put together and great video quality - if you go slow and with a little guidance one can have a great practice set. Helen's testimonial and experience I feel the most important part of the DVD, it will encourage anyone going through illness that there is hope and Qigong can for sure help reblance your body/mind. Shes another living example that Qigong integrated with other method's works real well.



Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Certified Reiki Master

 Sheryl Youngblood
 Reiki Master

Congratulations to Sheryl Youngblood! She completed a multi month and level Reiki Certification. Sheryl has alot of experience in Meditation, various levels of Qigong and Healing Qigong. Her students real look forward to her classes and they have a great community among themselves. Out of the many students I taught she has dedicated many years of taking classes privately, and going through the "hoops and barrels" of learning and teaching, healing people properly. I am very proud of her shes a great teacher, healer, student and friend as well.  

 I was glad she attended my Private Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Program; Reiki when learned and practiced correctly is a powerful system. There's more than meets the eye. I will continue to share with her the many skills that's in higher level Reiki that most never see or know. To this date she is my only trained Reiki Master and Healer. :) Serious inquiries can reach her below: