Friday, December 23, 2016

Simple Answer to "How is Qigong Different from Yoga, Gym Exercises Etc?"

  The Main Difference of Qigong Traditions
 By Gary W. Abersold

A common series of question's that is often asked are: 
  1. What is the difference between Qigong and Relaxation Techniques? 
  2. How is Qigong and Yoga different?
  3. Are Gym workouts and Qigong different?
  4. How is Qigong different from Samatha ~Vipasyana Meditation   
The above are a series of type questions often asked but, in mosaic fashion never truly are explained well. The answer is quite easy actually; it focuses on intention, attention and feeling of life force energy as a primary feature of  Qigong. I explain more below, but to also get a couple of things out of the way lets ad on a couple of other details.

 The term Qigong and Application: This is a umbrella term that has a large body of practices; numerable in style and uses. Each Qigong practice is unique and is not a "One Size Fits All" modality either. It takes a well trained practitioner with many years of practice to be able to easily enlightened the would be new user of Qigong. In the public many Qigong classes are taught and address many common ailments. In reality serious problems need specific tailored Qigong practices, along with in many cases related herb formulas and Qigong treatments. This can include massage and Acupuncture Therapy in various forms as well. There are many guidelines in proper administration of Qigong practices. Many Qigong practices have been vetted by Chinese Scientific and Medical Community, so the practices I am referring to are not self created Qigong sets by self identified Qigong Masters. I have been studying Chinese Medicine since 1981 and working as a Therapist since 1994, with many achievements and credentials. What I can tell you with certainty it requires quite depth, and continuing training and education in this vast tradition. 

The Qigong Difference: Qigong versus modalities such as Yoga, Gym exercises, etc. is that it first puts a large investment on mind intention and attention which develops our wisdom mind and helps us to properly enter into qigong properly. The Mind Intention and Attention I will leave for a journal entry all its own; its concepts are specific and different. It is a large teaching, which requires much elaboration. 

The universal salient features of Qigong Traditions is primarily the specifics of internal energy activation and mastery of life force energy. Specific practice's address the following - building/conserving, harmonizing/balancing, transforming/increasing, releasing/projecting life force energy is the main difference. Also skill set exercises that calibrate the physical body and internal organ system, specific respiratory breathing and paired movements, specialized life force meditations, specialized stretching, and postural movements, based on internal energy pathway system. Specialized personal empowerment's to strengthen ones Body/Mind/Soul are just some of the main differences.  

To Truly Feel and Experience Qi: With all that being said the main goal is to exist in a heightened sense of feeling, focus, and awareness of "life force energy". To truly feel and experience Qi is what seperates Qigong from almost everything else. It is unique and a complete tradition that does not have to be layered upon with other systems. Cultivation of life force energy is the oldest tradition in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The whole goal of Qigong is to strike a balance between yin/yang and develop the Qi for optimum health. Being present in the life force field activation and having the tissues, blood and bones saturated with Qi, is a main difference in Qigong Traditions and practitioners role in health and wellness.

Qigong is Holistic: The concept of holism/holistic is a foundation in Qigong. Western Scholars explain holism as a Philosophy with Therapeutic application.  The philosophy of holism is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. The therapeutic application of holism is treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease. Qigong in a western sense is Medical, a form of medicine and is therapy. To call it Medical/Medicine although is a slippery slope to use that lingo. Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine have no correlation and those terms eludes it to be western scientific medicine which just causes all kinds of confusion. It is simply therapeutic that lead's one into application of  holism. Follow your Qigong Tradition along with nature and you will exist in a holistic state. 

In Closing: Many years ago I asked one of my teachers of China "What does Qigong do"? Trying to pick his mind and see what he had to say. He said "Oh well It makes everything better"; from your personal to ones professional life that's it in a nutshell. It's no big deal just do it and stay focused and you will find the gold in your efforts. Forget everything else this is the best thing in life.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

On Personal Qigong Practice

Insights Along the Way

Today's journal entry covers only three topics briefly:  1. Personal Practice 2. The age of everything 3.Where to begin. I get lot's of emails from students and even written letters asking about these three topics. So lately it seems that many students are not practicing as regular as they should; many are too wrapped up with social media and lurking around online and getting little to no results.  Through feedback many don't even now where or how to begin the search. To the reader hope you find this useful; but take it with a grain of salt. I began in a non technology driven era, my views are real experiences = real results. ~GWA       

Daily Personal Qigong Practice

The purpose "Personal Qigong Practice" is to build and maintain a solid foundation. Foundation practice's ensures our body/mind to grow and also to keep what we been practicing. Having a strong Qigong practice always ensures our body to be able to recover from illness, imbalance or depleted energy states.  It also assist you to connect more deeply with your personal spiritual endeavors. When we engage to keep a strong tradition alive, we not only be maximize our self-healing ability, we are more effective if we do self energy healing treatments on ourselves and others. It also helps your daily living; how you relate to others around you, and your career. Qigong self practice makes gives you "moxy" for our busy life. 

The Age of Everything Available

Technology is kinda like Pandora's box for the dabbler in energy healing practices and almost anything else for that matter. I find more and more people distracted by not knowing what to do. This is not because lack of access; the internet has created a whirlwind of confusion. Everyone today has a book, video something to sell/peddle. In many cases much has been misappropriated from a lineage/teacher as well. My advice is to stick with one tradition -one mentor; or you will be constantly searching and never going anywhere. 

The reason this is important is because it takes several years to refine any one method/approach. Loyalty to a system and a mentor goes a long way. If you engage with a tradition and you go in 100 % and get close with the students and teacher you will find a deeper interest will be taken in you. Qigong mentors are students as well; and we know what it takes to do Qigong properly. In many cases when a teacher sees that a student is a dabbler they will clam up and not be able to guide you deeper. The mistake falls on you; is it so hard to do one thing 100% ? 

Real experiences up close and personal is what to look for. Study with a teacher, have a friendship practice group. This will go a long ways in what you have a interest in. Practicing with friends is key because more than one person will be there doing the same thing. If you have forgotten something most likely someone else remembers it. Having practicing/training buddies is key in the informal practice sessions. Life is short; time clicks by constantly. Invest in real life experiences, you will be glad you did in the future.

Where to Begin?

In your community it is best to do good ole fashion, get in your car and venture out and mingle. When I began in 1981, it was through word of mouth or a lead from friends etc. The same holds true today, the good teachers who can actually teach are often off the grid. They might have a website but their interaction online will be small at best. It might be frustrating in the beginning to find someone. If you stick to it doors will open and you will find what you are looking for. Look for the teachers that run ongoing classes, this is important for learning how to practice.Weekly interaction is important to give and receive feedback. The local group is the foundation to your path, without it will be real hard to keep up in early stages.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All Classes Full ~Get on the Waiting List

All Qigong Group Classes and Private Healing Session Spaces are now booked for Mid Winter Season (January - March). It is a good idea to contact us and we will call you back and get your availability and see where you could fit in.  All classes are taught in Sterling Heights Chi Studio. The Healing Qigong I teach is very popular and results are generally relatively quick. It is a testament to my Master's methods that I promote, that are still taught in many Chinese and Japanese Communities. I am also only one teaching the classes which is a six day a week class schedule. So please be patient circumstances change often and schedule can open up.  Email me at  

Looking forward Spring 2017: 

  •  For West side of Michigan I will be teaching now a series of workshops: (1.) May (2.) June (3.) September (4.) December

 The workshops are on the Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Traditionwhich teaches the following:

(1) Energy Cultivation Training (2) Energy Congestion Release Practice (3) Chi Flow Sets
(4) Traditional Chi Therapy 

All Workshops cost $150.00 for two days 10am - 5pm, comes with DVD reference video's associated Cd's and follow up PDF handout notes.

More details to follow---please email to get on my student list or for interest in the Workshops. 

Thank You---Gary W. Abersold (