Monday, April 25, 2016

Invest in Authentic Teachings


Introduction:  I had a gathering with a student whom is interested in learning. They were learning from someone whom made their own books and DVD Video's loaded with errors. They claim to invent their own approach to Qigong. The teacher on the video is very ill looking (grey hue) and has extreme Energy Congestion in their body. Their approach they pulled from a Teacher I know personally. To prove a point to the deluded  student I called the teacher and asked if this person ever studied with them. They said a resounding no! So this article is for the importance of honoring the indigenous teacher's who share their art and traditions with the public. The good news is I set it up for the student whom I had a meeting with to leave the Qigong marketer and train and live with a real master teacher! A success story of guiding someone to a source tradition.

True and effective Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, and Martial Art Lineages requires physical personal instruction from a qualified master teacher. This is usually in the West someone whom has a link, a ongoing connection to the indigenous teachers of East Asia. All these practices are found in these many country's and all have their view teaching, as well how and why it works. One will need to sacrifice personal time and energy and receive one on one physical teaching for some time to learn correctly and be mentored.    

In area's outside of East Asia it is very possible to have advanced practitioner's receive physical personal instruction from a qualified master teacher and are qualified in their own right. Such individual's has already embodied the teachings and, do not merely rely on instructions read in a instruction manual, or rely on archival video's for instruction.  This is not to condemn Instruction manuals, archival videos which are useful, but a qualified master teacher can turn the dead words and images into a living flowing transmission.

A instruction manual on its own only conveys  a prompt to the practice;  a partial truth – which is only the outer layer. The master teacher conveys the inherent truth and does not get stuck in outer layers, common knowledge or pointless aspects of some systems way of practicing. Many students who do not understand this reality, get disheartened and move from one system, teacher to the next, forever repeating their past mistakes and getting nowhere in their life path practice's.  

What my indigenous master teacher's all agree on is true – there is no guarantee that a practitioner who does not have access to a qualified master teacher, will be able to convert the wisdom of the words in the book, or images from a archival video, into embodied skill in the real world. They need to lose self -righteousness and surrender to a teacher, a system so they can actually learn and grow into something. East Asian Traditions is unlike many other things and requires time, effort, patience and guidance. One is fooling themselves if they think they can figure it out on their own. How can one master something that they don't understand?  

Copying movements and reading the words is one thing, while receiving the true significance of their meaning is quite another. A confused practitioner is like a blind person in practice, which will get you nowhere and be counter-productive to your learning and later if you guide new students. Likened with a blind person one needs personal assistance to finding their way in the beginning and later aspects in one journey.  A good Master teacher is also likened to a road map to get you to the destination faster. The confused or unclear  application of these arts and skills can cause more harm than good; heed attention to this warning. Study the Instruction books and archival videos; "yes", but seek out genuine instruction as well.  Avoid the self righteous Teachers whom made it up or develop their own technique.

Traditional Schools and authentic teachings will exist and forever to exist. Watch whom you let pollute your consciousness that tradition does not matter. I been in the practices since 1981 and can prove all my teachings and where they trace to. All the true master teachers are still around or have left it in great hands. Why waste your time with someone who's full hubris and are only on the path of self righteousness. Their practice and traditions in many way's don't resemble their teachers teachings as well a faint image of what could have been. There are many Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Art paths in the world today, but the traditional schools and lineage Masters are renowned for its effectiveness and are very popular as a result within the community's.

Invest your time, energy and personal aspirations and connect to someone whom is willing to teach you. Do whatever it takes to train and learn from them. Yes you might have to travel spend money; and most likely some people are not use to spending extra money and making oneself uncomfortable. There is a old saying "he or she who pays; pays attention". Think about this 5,10 or 20 more years down the road do you want to have a life of regret?... or I was glad I took the time to truly learn? Don't become the "Would Have, Could Have, Should Have" people. A life of unfulfilled stuck remorse is sad; do something different go beyond  everyday average effort.  


Friday, April 22, 2016

Chi Flow Way of Life

The benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong form practices are multi leveled. In this journal entry I will detail what I have seen personally teaching many clients, since the mid 1990's. These practices are built on the premise on the compliance of doing them. Don't become the teacher or practitioner of all talk and no action. You have to be diligent in practicing; to get the health benefits, and to take it to new heights. Like the picture I provided above  "We can open the door but you must enter".

 As far as practices go it is very important to connect locally to a teacher of the community. The daily and nightly weekly classes and people that are in the community will be there for you day in; day out.  So what can Health and Wellness practices of the Chi Flow Way do for you? Read below:

(1) Healthier Body
  • Improves immune system and energy levels
  • Improves breathing & heart rates
  • Fast Improvement in Blood Pressure
  • Increases stamina and longevity
  • Balances hormonal health
  • Eliminates many respiratory issues
  • Helps balance mental fog and burnout very easily
  • Builds physical body safely and no stressful on skeletal system  

 (2) Daily Well Being
  • Balances worry, anxiety & impulsiveness
  • Dissolves tendency of stress, fear, loneliness, and depressive states 
  • Enhances self esteem and self acceptance
  • Develop resilience against pain & adversity
  • One feels more optimistic, relaxed and can problem solve better
  • Increased levels of self awareness and intuition
  • Helps with emotional problems with addictions as in eating, gaming, compulsions
  • Develop great self esteem in social interactions
  • Keeps one sharp develops great learning abilities

 (3) Meditative Mind Power
  • Develop mental strength and great focus 
  • Develop ability for sharp memory recall & retention
  • Improved cognitive ability & creative processing
  • Manages burnout from technology overuse found in Smart Phone Users  
  • For students improves learning curve by 1/2 of average student's

As little as 15 minutes in the morning you can balance yourself for work. We warm up the body, then flow as little as four simple sequences. The nigh-time practice is generally a recovery one. Clean the stresses of the day and refine what you have before bedtime. The night-time practice is a little longer about 30-35 minutes.  For the everyday person it comes down simply to the morning charge up and night time recovery and balancing tradition.

In my classes I only teach two practices which are in depth. One practice in the morning to wake up and charge up and one at night, to find peace and tranquility. 

These practices are the student that is: I work or go to school  40-60 hours per week, have a family. So you don't have to become a expert by any means to feel the results. A good Chi Flow exercise in most cases after about 5-7 minutes you should start opening up.

Hope you find this article to motivate you to enter into the "Chi Flow Way of Life", there are many teachers and approaches. Look for the teachers whom offer ongoing weekly classes, and have a genuine community practice in place. 

Gary W. Abersold
Qigong Healing Centre