Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hi students and friends,

Its been a busy year with lots of growth; certified teachers, new friends and students have connected. Much has changed from when I began many years ago in 1981, everything is becoming more richer and still exciting as it was on day 1!

With that being said, also has been a year of two teacher friends that have unzipped and passed on into the next journey. Its always sad to see beloved people you know pass away and no matter whom you are it takes time to heal from it. These are lessons in life not to become lazy and comfortable because life here is short and we all go through this.  

 So moving on, in the new year I will be expanding and promoting more useful practices for anyone whom has desire to learn. The first one is the Emei Lotus Tradition, which is a tradition over 1,000 years old and is a traditional Chi Meditation. You can read more below:      

I am getting prepared to start filming my very first DVD for all my dedicated friends and students. This DVD Will focus on Health and Wellness aspect of the Emei Lotus Meditation Level I. It will be priced very reasonable and will include a prompt book for the movements of this form. This will match my group classes and will focus on clarity of the moving sequence. This is the short form being filmed. 

The reason for filming this first of all is, I have seen so many people have remarkable results from it. The second reason is my teacher Wen Lei Chen rather have myself represent to teach this. I have yet to see this tradition done anywhere else, on film so I feel its a fresh practice for the general public.  It has inspired me to start documenting my traditions as well for future generations as well. If it helps people learn better I am all for that!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Again - Great Dedicated Students = Excellent Instructors

 Mrs. Sheryl Youngblood
     Certificate of Completion  

Spread the Qi & Balance Treatments
December 2015 

 In our school's teachings we guide everyone through a conservative well paced plan. Many students come from many paths and experiences alike. With that, everyone that comes to learn has to surrender what they think know or might not know; to learn the intricacies of East Asian Healing Ways. This is not always easy many students have been through so many approaches generally once they reach Qigong, Meditation, Taoism and Buddhism etc. This does attract generally those with true desire to make headway. 

 Learning this path, is a private initiation, to a powerful system; a rare opportunity to connect in person and develop the traditions. It is more than just moving through the motions, or reading information. Students need a Instructor to be observed by them and get appropriate feedback as well, how to gauge their progress. Students need to understand that each tradition has their view teachings so its important to follow their instruction only. Become the "empty cup" so you can learn new practices!

 Great Congratulations to Mrs. Sheryl Youngblood for achieving the "Spread the Qi and Balance the Body Tradition". I am very proud of Sheryl she learned the traditional way- in person through group classes in the beginning and then through private classes, over many years. In this way I was able to teach her all that there is to know about the practices and traditions. I remember the first day I met Sheryl at a Qigong Class I was teaching and she asked "if I could really teach her to get the Chi"? I could see the seriousness in her eyes that she really wanted to learn and do something with the practice. It's always great to see that you were able to do it right and teach someone step by step, through the many practice one needs to go through.  

  Her treatments and understanding are effective, and if you are looking for a energy healing tune up, you are in good hands. Sheryl is a great student, a great teacher, those who study with her will are very fortunate!  We are again lucky to have her as a Certified Teacher with the ranks of many others in Southern Michigan Area. I am glad to see her graduate through the foundation of energy healing; she demonstrated she is a competent energy healing body practitioner. 

Sheryl is also certified in a Complete Therapeutic Healing Qigong Tradition I taught her. This is a excellent practice for people that are very ill and need a modified routine as well. In closing she has two solid practice that go very well together Personal Qigong Tradition and Energy Emitting Routine for Health and Wellness.

Gary Abersold
Qigong Healing Centre
Lotus Dharma Society of Michigan

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Importance of person to person connection


Regardless of the particular level of teaching or practice that we are attempting to integrate in our modern life; whether it be Qigong, Taoism, Buddhism, it has always been a time honored tradition that there is an person to person connection that takes place. The reason for this is the mentor teaches the student or students; the students learns the teachings, absorbs their meaning and puts them into practice. This is the goal for teaching the next generations.

There is a reason for this emphasis on live teachings. In most areas of Asia and since the beginning of time up to the present day, the teachings in Taoism, Buddhism and modern conventional Qigong has always been meant to be taught in real time through a mentor/teacher, ensuring that there is a living tradition that is still imbued with the tradition and power of the original teachings. It also guards against the possibility of so-called teachers simply coming up with their own ideas. Instead, the teacher passes on a proven tradition of teachings.

This makes the Orthodox Traditions different from other kinds of learning where it may be possible for people to innovate, fabricate or do it their own way due to lack of traditional teachings. In such realms of learning it may be appropriate to come up with new systems of thought or to introduce new ideas. But when we teachers and students are partaking about Taoism, Buddhism, Village Traditions; teaching must connect with the original teachings of the Orthodox Tradition in order for a teaching to be valid. The teachings cannot be something that someone is simply coming up with on their own. The teachings are something that the teacher passes on. A simple way to find out what is real or not is to ask the view teaching, source tradition teacher and their connection to it. This will eliminate much wasted time.

You can put two students side by side, the one whom values tradition and order will always come ahead the one whom, just prefers to "make it their own". Tradition gives one structure, methodology and eliminates the guessing game. People in life are distracted enough with the technology, webpages and social media. My advice don't try reinvent thousands years of proven techniques. It is youre hubris that is blocking one from becoming a great mentor/teacher or student. Follow the tradition; its simple as that! :)