Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pre Christmas Season *Free* Qigong Classes

Only Three Qigong Classes left before Christmas Break.  In a few classes you get the knowledge on how strengthen life force energy and flow it through deceptively simple practice. Classes will not meet again until after New years day. Class dates are:

11/29/2016, 12/6/2016, 12/13/2016    

Where.. Irene's Myomassology Institute  Southfield Michigan, Tuesday night 7pm at the Yoga room up stairs.  

Friday, November 18, 2016

Drug Addiction Worst Than Ever; Chinese Medicine Can Help

Someone you know probably is an addict of some sort according to startling recent finding by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It is estimated that 1 in 20 adults, or a quarter of a billion people aged 15-64 years, used at least one drug in 2014. Although trends in drug use vary across regions, as does updated reporting on data, the extent of drug use among the world population has remained stable over the past four years. Almost 12 per cent of the total number of people who use drugs, or over 29 million people, are estimated to suffer from drug use disorders.
Pot, Weed or "Cannabis" remains the world’s most widely used drug, with an estimated 183 million people having used the drug in 2014, and amphetamines remain the second most widely used drug. With an estimated 33 million users, the use of opiates and prescription opioids may not be as widespread as the use of cannabis, but opioids remain major drugs of potential harm and health consequences. Where updated data is available, as an overall trend, global use of cannabis has remained stable over the past three years, although in some sub regions, particularly North America and Western and Central Europe, cannabis use has increased. 

In the absence of recent survey data on drug use in Africa, experts in the region also perceive an increase in cannabis use. Moreover, the global trend in cocaine use, which was stable after 2010, has shown a recent trend, mainly as a result of an increase in cocaine use in South America. The global trend in the use of amphetamines is stable, although this may underplay the situation in regions where recent information on the extent of drug use is unavailable. This is particularly the case in Asia, where expert perceptions of trends and treatment admission reports suggest an increase in the use of amphetamines in the region, specifically in East and South-East Asia. 

The global picture of drug use is compounded by the fact that many people who use drugs, both occasionally and regularly, tend to be "polydrug" users, meaning that they use more than one substance concurrently or sequentially, usually with the intention of enhancing, potentiating or counteracting the effects of another drug.The non-medical use of prescription drugs, synthetic stimulants and new psychoactive substances in lieu of, or in combination with, conventional drugs gives a picture that blurs he distinction between users of a particular drug, presenting an interlinked or cyclical epidemic of drug use and related health consequences in recent years. Additionally, such a pattern of drug use presents challenges to health professionals responding to emergencies related to drug use, as well as to those treating people with disorders related to the use of multiple drugs.

What is disappointing is the study by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is also still not classifying process addictions such as addictions related to smart phone use and various devices, as a clear addiction. The data is out there kids as young as 7; as well as teenagers and adults are hooked on the phones, laptops and tablets. The effects on your brain are the same. If you do the study there is plenty of data to support it.

So with all this being said from working with many addicts of all walks of life. I would recommend to anyone looking into this, to work with a specialist whom specializes in Integrative Therapy. Best situation would be a Psychologist whom understands Integrative Body/Mind Healing  along with proven addiction/recovery protocols. All addictions are a medical disorder and one should not feel any shame or guilt from it. Can Traditional Chinese Medicine help it? Absolutely supplement in concert with medical professionals whom treat these problems. 

Past cases I  have worked with using Acupuncture Therapy, herbal prescriptions and bodywork, and teaching clients how to practice the self balancing methods during the withdrawal stages  helps them deal with the onslaught of emotions, physical sickness and spiritual healing. In this way it gives them tools to deal with all that is going on.  Truly many of them would not have healed and had a fighting chance without it.

People suffering from addictions are in many ways dealing with a Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde persona, they want to quit but need much help, but the mind constantly is toying with them.  They must surrender to the process and trust the therapist team to help their best interest. Working with people suffering from addictions is not easy, but can be done if the daily work is done and the person is monitored carefully with full family support and positive caring attitudes are around them.       

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Return to Balance

Embrace Receptivity & Balance
Today's web journal entry is be one of "Receptivity & Balance". The easy lesson here is avoid people, places or things that create emotional garbage; less said is always best. Be active on the path you plow and avoid the anger, rage, negative comment's and opinions. 
As many know hopefully; or obviously not..opinions on politics always begins arguments. Even if you and the person you're speaking with might have similar views. You will lose friends, reduce opportunity's by emotional outburst airing what you might regret once you cool off.

Its a trend now for people to foolishly blast their emotions for all to see. But really it does nothing but hurt yourself. Not everyone has the same opinion, and this goes for many different areas such as Money, Religion, Diets and many other hot topics. Politics in America seems to always get many riled up.

My parents and grandparents as well raised me that one's particular views are your particular views, no one can change that, but discussing them in public when you know that most likely everyone around you has a different opinion will result in tension, and that, is almost guaranteed to polarize or fire people up; its also very rude, we have enough tensions in the world.

Much can be said about one's spiritual evolution on how they carry themselves in public. Picking sides or "fueling the fire" on the internet will do nothing to make one healthier, happier or enjoying the current moment right here and now.

Find the happiness in your own spiritual enclave community's, and focus on gratitude; for all you have and where you are going in your personal life. Dissolve the attachment of the "Emotional Mud" of mainstream Society, it does not matter in your life. Be like the Wind and Soar high and  invoke your ancestors spirits for proper guidance. You will be much happier; forget the problems of the mainstream world and the confusion of the world will forget you. :)