Thursday, March 24, 2016

Private Classes and Learning

The Multiple Benefits of Private Classes

  Whether you are learning East Asian Healing Traditions for personal healing, fulfillment or just recreation, private lessons/classes greatly benefit the new student. So, why should one take private classes if one they can go to a community center? Learning to practice systems like Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Meditation and Martial Arts  can be more of a daunting adventure than one may expect. These type of classes are really kinda like a introduction; a overview or even a survey what the practice is about. It really cannot teach you the details you need to receive to improve dramatically better. 

The group is important although for personal reasons you will meet people with like interest and you learn from practicing with different students. Sometimes you will hear questions being asked you might have never thought of as well. So if your goals are more driven than just the social side of it. A private class is how you will begin to sand away the rough edges.

Being a teacher and a student over many years I can say with clarity that proper instruction with one teacher is likened to mentoring in a trade. The teacher you study with has spent much time, effort and money to learn what they are teaching you. It is very common to have to pay for classes; this is how things are done. Everyone's time is valuable. Finally as a ending note here, not every teacher you find will be for you as well, it might take a couple before you find the one with a common likeness you both have.
The Teacher    
A great teacher can eliminate much pain and suffering in getting to where you need to go to. They are likened to a clear map that gets you to the destination. Instruction in classes one on one will teach you understanding proper foundations, what proper practices are taught. Unique adjustments of how one moves, positions the hands, fingers, tongue, breathing, body, and receive from the teacher authentic reference material to follow.  This is some of the reasons that come into play with this foreign tradition that one will encounter. Below I discuss several reasons why it’s a benefit to take private classes.

1. Working in private classes can help one develop a pace in learning. Because of the many aspects of learning and practicing, both will have to come to a understanding on progress. There are many embedded skills, subtleties to practice that cannot be expanded on in a group class as well, or documented in any real written form. It has to be experienced and demonstrated as well with a teacher. If one doesn’t get help from a teacher, bad habits and unclear technique could become a road block to other facets of any of this in the future. Because everyone learns at a different pace, the pressure of learning in a community center setting can be very frustrating, which brings us to the second reason why private classes are beneficial:

2. Private Classes help to minimize personal frustration. I believe the less frustration the better when it comes to learning; who doesn’t? The expert teacher will provide the insider access to the practices, they will give what you really need. Though frustration can create desire and determination in some people, it can discourage others. It’s sad to see someone give up on learning Meditation, Tai Chi or Qigong in the early stages when all was needed was a little direct objective attention. Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy these traditions and not be frustrated with trying to find it.

3. Private Classes set one up for personal success for your ambitions. Mentoring with a teacher, one learns more directly on creating a personal practice routine, the fundamentals of a practice session in early stages. When a solid foundation is built, you can keep learning, practicing, and succeeding. Succeeding should be fun! As a side note if you are not enjoying yourself, and you find yourself in the enclave of no smiles then something is terribly wrong. Seriousness can be carried with joy which in many groups lacks quite a bit! A positive conducive learning experience builds confidence, and one doesn’t give up. Furthermore, once you are strong in tangible skills, you will see yourself excel much faster than ever before. 

4. Most students lack how to really practice and get results on their own. All practitioners needs to learn how to practice. I often spend so much time, with student's on practice skills than anything else in a  private class; and not only with beginners, but advanced students as well. Many just don't invest the proper hours required in advancing. There is nothing new here its just like High School or College you will have to practice many hours per week. Unless you are just doing it for a social endeavor; then in that case you don't need private classes, cause you are not concerned with personal quality.

As practitioner's one will spend more time weekly alone somewhere than he/she does with their teacher each week; so that time must be well spent. You will need to become excellent in time management to integrate these practices in your life. After each class we send you away with the proper learning and practice skills, the private class teacher can help you get the most out of practice time alone. But you need to make it happen; if you are not practicing you are cheating oneself on so many levels. One will not learn each step of the way on any depth. Also, one will not dread the classes, practice time, because he/she will have control over it and confidently expect results; and it shows in dedicated students.

5. It is easier to stay motivated with the help of a mentor teacher and the private class students as well. The teacher also will generally have their own get together's for their students; and you will be aligned in great company of others learning the same teaching as well. I find this benefit most applicable to students who have been struggling for awhile trying to figure it out. Private get together's with common likeness students and teacher brings people together, makes things even more clear to everyone. 

So down the road one will be out of the beginner stage of  learning what to do as well, but a student may not know what to do next. A private class teacher and training environment whom is knowledgeable about different traditions, practices and styles and can help you discover what is next to do, learn, what goal to pursue next. The teacher can supply in many cases a student with their systems books, booklets, archival video footage and audio recordings. This is important to help learn all there is to know on the view teachings as well. Sometimes all a student needs in order to remain stimulated and motivated on a basic level  is someone to be accountable to as well on a regular basis. It is always easier to work for something when you know someone is counting on you and that you’re accountable to someone – your teacher and tradition.