Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Qigong Community, Mentorship and Practice is Essential

Wisdom on Qigong Practice
 Since 1981 I have been involved in East Asian Traditions; what I have found with many is the following. People believe they have to practice many different practices/traditions and try and cram in other practices/traditions in their daily life. This usually cause alot of stress in ones life. If you are new start with ONE and do it for at least six to nine months, this is the benchmark for a beginning tradition.

As a teacher I teach a Morning and twilight tradition for people to get the basis of health and wellness. The morning practice should be dynamic, a great wake-uper to keep you nice and flexible and strong. This is also based on age groups and ability. The twilight or simply night time practice should be for entering into tranquility for anyone to bring back balance after a long day. I also educate my students in the many diverse categories for understanding what is involved in Qigong Health Traditions. The goal is to follow a Qigong Life Path.
The efficacy of ones health and wellness is not measured by how many Tai chi,  yoga sets, Qigong forms or knowledge one might think they know. It is measured by clarity and daily practice. Eventually it will become easier through follow through. Essential is being connected to a local group and tradition will motivate one to stay on the path of practice. This is essential you cannot do it alone. You meet new friends, share tips and learn alot from watching people. Qigong is interactive, requires people and what you participate in will actualize to a reality for you. Having local Qigong classes is a rare luxury that has not always been available; I can remember when it was a underground endeavor; pretty much handled within Chinese and Japanese Communities. So take advantage of real experiences shut the computers and silly cell phones off and live and experience life. Don't settle for lame experiences versus reeal memories with interesting like minded individuals.     

 I teach many and many don't take the opportunity to practice with me one on one and learn details. Many leave way to early from group classes and private mentoring and will hit a road block in practice, because they have not completed the training. The ones who come for mentoring really make jumps in their practice. They learn the complete practices and understand it completely and it become part of them. 

You have to sacrifice time, money and effort to get anywhere in life, this is no different. In my Qigong traditions I teach success cannot be measured as well by simply the amount of time you practiced, rather by the quality of practice.  I always use the comparison of what it takes to master a good sauce or soup.  It takes practice, mentoring and personal repeated practice. Qigong practice is defined by sincere and sustained effort to practice regularly. Learning the way of Qigong Traditions is easy. The challenge many encounter is having a strong determination is to make their Qigong Life path part of their daily life routine.

 The failure comes from making excuses to skip practice today, tomorrow and eventually nothing his week..then its dissolved into no practice routine. Make practice a priority, make a strong commitment to yourself and take it seriously. Eventually you will eliminate the luke warm practice schedule and it will naturally become part of your life.

Practice daily and do youre best!

Gary Abersold   

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Will the real Gary W Abersold, please stand up? ONLINE FRAUD ALERT!

So there is someone in India online using my name and likeness to promote Qigong, Zen, Chi and Yoga? This is why I titled this :Will the real Gary W Abersold, please stand up"? This is so weird and lame- cause how sad one must be not to be themselves. This came to light through a close student and friend, when these asked "when did I start teaching Yoga?" I was like I have no idea what you are talking about. So then they sent me and I never laughed so hard cause its such crap-ola!

They have a facebook page: 
They have a
The main website:

None of these are me; I don't own that domain name or associated with anyone in India whatsoever. This is the second time I have someone use elements of my likeness to promote  "Tao of dollars"--$$$$ for their Qigong endeavors. So please dont buy anything from them or support their scams!

The Internet is Filled With Frauds and Cons

If you are old enough to remember the original basis of the internet was to share information freely with one another. With anything good there will be the bad; cons, charlatans and frauds. So everyone has to be aware of this. Be careful what you post online, cause its all out there to see good guys and bad guys. 

This is a prime example why I don't post personal information online or anything that can be manipulated and used for someone to profit on. The information on my site is provided to help educate people, share it freely and promotes the arts that brought such balance to me.  

My students I teach whom participate in face to face classes learn authentically, and learn all their is to know in my personal experience- traditional lineage, view teachings and the in's and outs how, what or why the practices work.  It really gripes me that I had to post this article; but I felt compelled to fire back at these con's. 


The real Gary W. Abersold (lol)