Friday, August 4, 2017

Bonafide Systems are of Value

Fuel for Practice
The most important part of studying and partaking in East Asian Culture and - I would add in life in general - is what is commonly known simply as walking the path of "ethicality". This simply means to follow a personal code of conduct of goodness, uprightness, decency, honesty, integrity and tradition. How one carry's themselves personally will manifest outwardly to all they encounter. 

 Question: A student asked me this week in my morning class is making your "own qigong form" or "hodge podging" different methods together ok?.. like East Indian Yoga with Qigong?

Answer: It's very risky, possibly dangerous if you donot have professional training and certainty.  Most of the modern Qigong that developed during the late 1950's through current era where vetted and scrutinized by many Qigong commissions and society's, that had the top experts within. There did exist many lesser practices that never where approved. They ran into what we have in our western culture the problem of "self identified masters"; that have no link to any credible lineage, Teacher or credentials of any type. In those cases they were banned from the whole movement and unable to teach their brand of Qigong.
       The Way of Tradition
Following a path of "ethicality" is honoring and venerating the ancestors; even if they are from a land not of yours. Honoring tradition and ancestors is a integral part of the East Asian household in general. It is also not uniquely just found in Asia, can be found in many traditional cultures. Western culture is "culture-less" in the aspect that it is a land without tradition, except for Native Americans. Let's not forgot the truth is that United States was/is  hijacked from it's original inhabitants.

 The history is sad but true. For many modern practitioner's you may never been exposed to this teaching before, but it's important, lineage and time tested traditions are highly valued. I would say beware of anything that cannot be backed up. It's really easy to understand... without tradition, lineage, and ancestors we would not have anything today, nor practices or anything concrete or credible.  This is a big point what Chinese Medicine in general is built on, a venerable system with a long history of success. 

In the household traditions it is taught by the elders, that our spiritual ancestors are still present observing our deeds and actions and truly assisting to help us all the time. How you carry yourself in life, and in traditional practices will determine how successful you will be in the future. A clear map is better than trying to plow your own way; follow the tradition and one will be successful, as the thousands that have been before you. Any aspect of East Asian Culture of today is only great and time tested because of the personal skill and ability of many gifted enlightened practitioners and followers of the Way loooong before us. :)