Friday, June 23, 2017

Health & Wellness, Cancer Prevention Through Qigong

Qigong for Cancer
 Helen Liang

There is a new DVD available for purchase by Master Helen Liang, entitled "Qigong for Cancer".  Helen Liang is a Master in her own right, comes from a genuine family lineage. She is a Cancer survivor and has detailed 15 key real good exercises, Meditations and other insights that anyone looking into Qigong would appreciate. Perfect for beginners, and experienced alike. Filmed in crystal clear high definition video by YMAA Publishing. I wrote an  article about her with many links on my video page:

Those that know me know I generally don't beat the drum to push products, market items in the name of Qigong. I am promoting this with no recompense involved for the sake of helping the community at large. It's a wonderful story as well, one cannot really go wrong with $40.00 investment, especially if going through Cancer Treatments or Recovery. They really did a fine job of keeping character in the video production, not a sterile boring video and her heartfelt testimonial of what she went through is of much welcomed value. I will also say that in a weary world at times its great to have these kind of story's to come across your desk.

Master Ling Guang Ming aka... "Guolin"
 Her story is reminiscent of the landscape painter "Guolin", whom created her own system of Qigong, due to a terminal Cancer diagnosis and  nowhere to turn. Guolin was not given much chance to live and created essentially what is often called Guolin Qigong, New Qigong or Therapeutic Walking Therapy. Guolin Qigong is also a complete system in itself; a relatively unknown system to Westerners, but really popular in Chinese Community's. They are both great success story's of how Chinese Medicine and Qigong worked in these hard to deal with Cancer cases.