Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wisdom of the Moment: 

The things that you think that you own; actually own you. 

The above statement can be viewed and applied in numerous ways and meanings. There are many people that have great attachment/belief that money equals power; and things give one status and happiness. Which is very delusional and one can become self sacrificed in a sense;... that one day they realize they spent a whole lifetime chasing after personal bondage of things that really don't matter. They realize they have become a slave to their lifestyle as well. They are not free at all. Culture is a culprit in many ways because it shapes peoples habits, beliefs and daily experiences. Be weary of what you actually participate in and don't be part of "cattle herd mentality".    

We can see that "Smart Phone Technology" and Personal Computers  actually has become the master and the users have become their slaves. Many cannot escape the grasp of their enslavement to their devices and cyber community's such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Which is very sad because they are truly controlled by validation response such as "likes" and trying to be popular, and their 4,500 so called friends. It's truly kinda like high school of people trying to be popular or be "in the fold crowd". 

 As stated in previous journal entry's more and more people are truly and dangerously addicted to the age of electrical devices. Wisdom of the East Asian Masters is true here - The things that you think you own; actually own you. Lets continue below and look deeper:

A Whirl Wind of  Different Energy and States of Life

Early Christian teachings warn us of personal impropriety of  Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth. The teachings also help us to understand a life of virtue, service and personal cultivation are key to one's life. Those whom follow the path can everyday "Reflect and Look" at how they are doing through personal meditation, centering prayer and reflection. At any given moment can take action not to spiral into a world of Impropriety.  Much of this is contained in Old Testament teachings and that of all true personal faiths of higher level consciousness, qualified mentors of the path.

Mahayana Buddhist teachings hold a share belief that is similar depicted in a teaching Mandala called  Six World's of Life. Each snapshot world is illustrated by characters representing aspects of human existence our various ways of being.  Below I break it down in away that anyone can understand and make useful.

1. Existing in a World of Animal Characteristics: We are driven by basic survival instincts and appetites such as physical hunger and sexuality, which is the ego in overdrive. These urges for many are uncontrollable and nothing is never enough.   

2. Existing in a World of Personal Hell: We are trapped in states of unbearable personal rage and anxiety. Their beliefs and chaos in their mind becomes uncontrollable and in many cases become acted out in personal life. These World's of Hell are very visible through some's personal/collective delusion and acts like suicide, terrorism, strike lines, protesting and vandalism are sure real life signs of this.

3.  Existing in a World of Universal Spirits (Gods?...maybe):  We strive to transcend our weekly troubles and our over inflated egos through ritualistic, aesthetic or a religious experience, through a community church; but it is only temporary and void of true  spiritual cultivation and purification found in daily practice. Even this is scabbed with a sense of loss and suffering. For many the blinders one day come off and a sense of loss is felt.

4.  Existing in a World of Superiority: It could be you..:) or there are always certain people we cross paths with or personas in positions of power that publicly display a phony sense of strength and power. They are deluded by their own personal Superiority. They are threatened by people of compassion, virtue and quality. The Masters depict them clearly as enemies of leaders of enlightened way. These negative self identified persona's are marked by their fierce envy, hate and jealousy. They act quickly and not rationally in all they do, considered to be very dangerous for sure. Best to avoid and not engage with these types, less said is best. 

5. Existing in a World of Insatiability: Buddhist Art is a form of teaching oral traditions passed down through the ages. The above image shows a monk encountering a Hungry Ghost. The Masters of the Buddhist Way of Life, depict the dwellers of Insatiability aka...Hungry Ghost World as deformed, possessed spirits beings with scrawny necks, small mouths, emaciated limbs and large, bloated, empty bellies.

 In a real world experience this is the chains and bondage of powerful brain programing, addiction, and obsession. It is also the end result of being a causality of a life of never finding contentment.  This is a whirl wind of many sickly energies which one is constantly seeking something outside themselves to curb an insatiable yearning for relief or fulfillment. The scorched aching emptiness is perpetual because the substances, objects or pursuits they hope will soothe it are not what it will fix it. Many people can relate to this mode of lack, sometimes you don’t know what you need, and will try a multitude of things and stuff.

 There are many students I encounter in twenty years teaching that are like this. They are the dabblers doing  systems like Yoga, Qigong, Karate all at the same time and doing nothing but driving themselves crazy. If they stuck to one and became real close to it, they would have found contentment. But they cannot hear you and are like a Tornado tearing through life. The wisdom here is when one exist in a World of Insatiability, guess what you will eventually crack and break free. You will hit rock bottom something or someone will intervene. It can take though in some cases a lifetime. Insatiability is a nightmare for many people, it never goes away; it will haunt their lives because we are not engaged in being fully alive and present. 

6. The World of Personal Enlightenment: Sometimes it takes getting embarrassed by a teacher, friend or family member.  A wise teacher once scolded me and said "Embarrassment is the seed to Enlightenment; bet you will never do that again! The World of Personal Enlightenment/Spiritual Path of Cultivation focuses on our human Existence - right here and now is the only World of the above from which has a more brighter outlook. Christians, Taoist and Buddhist alike believe that personal enlightenment is at hand in our current life, yet only a few of us open their eyes and see it.

The Masters throughout the ages teach us that some of us dwell much of their lives in one World or another. Many of us possibly move back and forth between them, perhaps through all of them in the course of a single day. Be aware although Faith alone never halts problems; The things you own or money you may have does not as well. This statement a lesson in Karma " The things that you own; actually own you" is again loaded with many meanings as we have seen today in this journal entry.

The for sure win/win in a practical way is understanding personal cultivation, practicing proven daily enlightened wisdom always does. Masters of the Path like Lao Tsu, Buddha, Jesus of Nazereth and many others taught that belief in self identified charismatic teachers (#4) is dangerous; that instead of just believing in someone else, giving up personal power  or falling into cattle herd mentality, people should use their meditation practice to try to discover their own true nature. For this is the real power "Create Your Own Path ~Follow Your Own Aspirations ~ Make Your Own Moves~

Cheers Until Next Time...