Monday, May 8, 2017

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Empower Yourself with the Tools of Preventative Health Care

 Are you ready (drum roll please) ~Tah Dah another President and another stab at trying to fix our Health Care System in the United States good luck, nobody has fixed it yet. President Obama although pointed the Country in the right direction with ACA, imperfect yes, but for the down and trodden gave them hope they would not die on the streets because of lack of economical viability. 

It is a sad state of affairs that we cannot have a national health care system, like that of almost anywhere else. The best chance we had although I believe was with Dennis Kucinich's proposal of  a universal single-payer, not-for-profit health care system, because that would have lift tens of millions of Americans out of poverty. A lofty dream... who am I kidding, our elected officials are predatory capitalist which makes you and me a cash crop for the Doctors, Insurance and the pharmaceutical companies. So lets face it the people that control this industry of Medicine which is great business really are out for just themselves.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Maintenance

 Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes health maintenance. Through our spiritual beliefs, foods, herbs and Healing Exercises/Meditations, people have successfully maintained great health. I personally began interest in East Asian Culture at age of 13 due to the very fact problems with limitations of Western Medicine. I had many health issues and have successfully been balanced from them for decades.  Will you still need western medicine?..for sure yes, but for the people whom lack that of economical viability Traditional Chinese Medicine could be a alternative if not a better choice in many ways. 

What the world will need is more properly trained teachers and therapist for the future to meet the needs of the public. Weekly healing support groups in many forms will be the gold for many. Teachers also need to offer the classes to all and not just the wealthy; for money is also a barrier for many to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine. If everyone has the tools of change at their disposal they would see that their need for the doctors will be less and less; stop making them rich, and you going broke! You would be surprised to know you can live a life free of over medication and doctor controlled lifestyle. The Qigong is the one tradition that can eradicate many common illness.

In closing I invite anyone looking to learn Qigong feel free to contact me, it's easy to learn and affordable. My classes are offered at affordable rates for almost any budget and noone is ever turned away because of their situation. I hope all the teachers I have taught will do the same as well. For one persona cannot do it alone. Below is a interesting series of journal articles by the Lancet Journal about US health and health care, which highlights how widening gaps of income inequality are driving increases in health inequity. Other contributory factors, including mass incarceration and structural racism, are evaluated, as is the impact of the Affordable Care Act. The Series warns of a 21st century health-poverty trap unless new interventions are implemented. Click the link below and see all related studies: