Saturday, April 22, 2017

Must See Special on Smart Phone Addiction

I must say was not surprised after watching this well researched show on "Brain Hacking" seen on 60 Minutes. The show interviews a ex google designer by name of Tristan Harris explaining how you don't even have a chance to not get addicted. It bothered  him so bad in which he has found another calling to educate society on the dangers of the technology.  I am not going to go on and on about this but you should really watch it and spread the word to your love ones. There are several mini segments as well you should see here.  

 In the past few years I have encountered quite a number of students hooked on Smart Phones. In many cases it has been so bad that several students cannot even last 20 minutes in a basic Qigong class without getting the shakes, cold sweats etc. from being away from their smart phone. This is very alarming to say the least and it is not going to get better until it get's even worse, until their is a large public outcry on it. 

 In the special you will see that there is even a company tracking how to jack up peoples Dopamine levels so get hooked even stronger.  Again watch the special.  There are two links the CBS Special and Tristan Harris website in which you would also should Check out.


CBS Link : 

Tristan Harris Website: