Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Teacher Announcement

We had a great weekend of Qigong Classes and Teacher Certifications! Congratulations to Bella Hebert and Kathryn Trevethan in Tai Chi  氣 Chi Flow Level I (太極氣流). Both of them practiced diligently, understand this level and performed them correctly.  Very proud of my students and friends that practiced what I have taught in the public in the past many years.

This was the first weekend of classes since last September. I took time off from passing of my father and the loooong winter we had. Its encouraging to see students keep there practice strong without me there to prod them constantly. 

New student Qigong workshops are available generally on Saturdays at 3:00pm. In these workshop's I introduce you to the Chi Cultivation practice and Flow system. Comes with a reminder video and access to my email Qigong group. Great opportunity for those serious about really learning Qigong practice. You can reach me at