Friday, September 7, 2018

The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation

Being loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone other than yourself gives you courage. Being loyal to someone or something greater than oneself is a true test of a person of integrity. Lessons and Memories of my father today one year since his passing.

For me it's rather ironic that Master Yang's ~ The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation was released today on the one year anniversary of my fathers passing. He was a great fan of his since I introduced his Qigong teachings to him over 20 + years ago. He liked listening to all the old recordings of Master Yang and his story's of his life, wit and cranking on western culture that I would bring back many years ago. My father really liked him because he believed was a great teacher and a person of integrity, and very brilliant to say the least.

So this book has been in the making for many decades. Many years ago at Jamaica Plains School in Boston either in Winter time or Summer time retreat season Master Yang would issue a piece here or there,but nothing to the extent it is now. 

Looking Back: A little background on my experience on studying with Master Yang; I studied with him privately, took his local classes and attended his seasonal winter and summer retreat workshops (Qigong 1- 8) yearly from the early 1990's through early 2002. We even had a great White Crane training group in Scottsdale AZ. I had translated his Bone Marrow Washing Herb Formulas as well as his Traumatic injury herb formulas privately with the Help of Dr. Henry Lu of Vancouver way...back in the day. I will post these on my new website this winter, they are very good. For a couple of years I was seller of his books and videos which helped many out greatly pre fully accessible internet days. I found him to a invaluable Master and still practice the styles I have learned from him, as well as the healing massage techniques.

With all things in life things, change happens. He was going to move to California and start the retreat center and I had went on to learn many other advance practices etc. The memories are still there along the great experiences I had for many years. I will say this any of us that trained at YMAA  Headquarters were one of the best groups to this day I have seen. Kinda like the Julliard for Martial Artist and Qigong Healers. Everyone was always well prepared, rehearsed and knew the practices. You automatically became better practicing with everyone.

Onto the Book:

For students of his method's this is a well welcomed and long awaited study guide. The book is kinda like two books in one; he translated the Wang Bi version of the Dao De Jing and used his experience and writing skills for each chapter with, detail analysis of it. Then each chapter has a Qigong  interpretation. Which really are great prompt notes for Qigong practice for beginners to advanced alike. There is also a wonderful appendix of Chinese terms that relate to the book.

What you want to remember with this text is that follows master Yang's view on Chinese Qigong culture and how he teaches it. It is not a Taoist Interpretation which is totally different in presentation which takes personal mentoring into it. So some people might scoff the idea of Qigong and the Dao De Jing existing together in one book.  But who cares the book is less than $30.00 and is 539 pages thick; a great deal which could be the cost of printing alone. 

I give it AAA+++ well worth the wait and will nourish your contemplative experience on Dao, energy and the meaning of life. If its your first Qigong book what a book to have; maybe the only one you will need for many years.  Express your free will purchase it today :

Gary W. Abersold