Friday, December 21, 2018

News: Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Teacher Announcement + more


Congratulations to Pat Roach who finished her Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Level I Set Training this week. Pat was in my first rollout group of 20 students and stayed dedicated and learned it properly. I can see the difference it has made in her life. 

I have a personal new website you can get a hold of me here or to see whats going on. Also there is my twitter account: I use twitter like a short online journal to share thoughts, ideas etc. 

Its taking time to shift onto my new site and update google + pages. I was very disappointed how the web service I used double there prices and made it over priced after almost 20 years being dedicated to their company. I cancelled to send a message that donot take their customers for granted!

Gary W. Abersold

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation

Being loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone other than yourself gives you courage. Being loyal to someone or something greater than oneself is a true test of a person of integrity. Lessons and Memories of my father today one year since his passing.

For me it's rather ironic that Master Yang's ~ The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation was released today on the one year anniversary of my fathers passing. He was a great fan of his since I introduced his Qigong teachings to him over 20 + years ago. He liked listening to all the old recordings of Master Yang and his story's of his life, wit and cranking on western culture that I would bring back many years ago. My father really liked him because he believed was a great teacher and a person of integrity, and very brilliant to say the least.

So this book has been in the making for many decades. Many years ago at Jamaica Plains School in Boston either in Winter time or Summer time retreat season Master Yang would issue a piece here or there,but nothing to the extent it is now. 

Looking Back: A little background on my experience on studying with Master Yang; I studied with him privately, took his local classes and attended his seasonal winter and summer retreat workshops (Qigong 1- 8) yearly from the early 1990's through early 2002. We even had a great White Crane training group in Scottsdale AZ. I had translated his Bone Marrow Washing Herb Formulas as well as his Traumatic injury herb formulas privately with the Help of Dr. Henry Lu of Vancouver way...back in the day. I will post these on my new website this winter, they are very good. For a couple of years I was seller of his books and videos which helped many out greatly pre fully accessible internet days. I found him to a invaluable Master and still practice the styles I have learned from him, as well as the healing massage techniques.

With all things in life things, change happens. He was going to move to California and start the retreat center and I had went on to learn many other advance practices etc. The memories are still there along the great experiences I had for many years. I will say this any of us that trained at YMAA  Headquarters were one of the best groups to this day I have seen. Kinda like the Julliard for Martial Artist and Qigong Healers. Everyone was always well prepared, rehearsed and knew the practices. You automatically became better practicing with everyone.

Onto the Book:

For students of his method's this is a well welcomed and long awaited study guide. The book is kinda like two books in one; he translated the Wang Bi version of the Dao De Jing and used his experience and writing skills for each chapter with, detail analysis of it. Then each chapter has a Qigong  interpretation. Which really are great prompt notes for Qigong practice for beginners to advanced alike. There is also a wonderful appendix of Chinese terms that relate to the book.

What you want to remember with this text is that follows master Yang's view on Chinese Qigong culture and how he teaches it. It is not a Taoist Interpretation which is totally different in presentation which takes personal mentoring into it. So some people might scoff the idea of Qigong and the Dao De Jing existing together in one book.  But who cares the book is less than $30.00 and is 539 pages thick; a great deal which could be the cost of printing alone. 

I give it AAA+++ well worth the wait and will nourish your contemplative experience on Dao, energy and the meaning of life. If its your first Qigong book what a book to have; maybe the only one you will need for many years.  Express your free will purchase it today :

Gary W. Abersold


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Opinion ~ John McCain: A True Leader and National Hero

Above: John McCain is escorted by Lt. Cmdr. Jay Coupe Jr. to Hanoi's Gia Lam Airport on March 14, 1973, after 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war. The enduring spirit that never caved in.  

John McCain: The True American Spirit
For most of my childhood I witnessed the aftermath of what the Vietnam war did to the men and women that served our country; it literally amputated their soul in half. A very unpopular war and our society in many areas did not support them or welcome them back either.  Lets face it we treated them like second class citizens, they were treated unfair, but yet they gave all for the country. It was a troubled time for sure. 

I still find it amazing that John McCain survived the brutal treatment as a POW for 5 1/2 years and stuck it out with his fellow soldiers. He could of easily took the easy route but he did not he took the hard road because it was just and right. He followed the code of honor, integrity and to have each others back in the face of adversity. He did not cut and run or cave in; he understood everyone had to be there for each other. This is why hes a true American Hero and be remembered as a Icon for sure. 

 I voted for John McCain when he ran the second time around against Barack Obama. I simply thought he deserved it and had proved he was a true leader. I have no problems with President Obama, he did a great job as a president.  It all worked for the good anyway, the universe always balances things out for higher purposes. 
It is troubling that we have a sitting President who cannot even put his petty personal insecurity to rest during the national wake for Senator McCain. He is obviously jealous of his heroics and knows he will never be loved like Senator McCain. That's because John McCain had integrity and character which showed through life actions, and will be remembered for it. 

Dear President Donald Trump,

Why did you hate John McCain so much? I think you owe the American people a simple answer; or is it because hes everything you will never be...a real Icon, Hero and good person.

Gary Abersold
American Citizen  


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tai Chi 氣 Chi Flow Teacher Announcement

Congratulations to Bella Hebert for passing the  Tai Chi ~Chi Flow (太極氣流) Teacher Certification Test. She is one of the first students I began teaching the beginning elements of the system to here in Michigan three years ago. Bella is now Certified in the Level I of the Tai Chi ~Chi Flow System. 

 Bella has been teaching Qigong classes for several years now, runs a ongoing Qigong program in Livonia and in Lyon Township. A dedicated Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan practitioner as well.  I met Bella way back in fall of 2002 when I taught my first large group class of Qigong at Renaissance Unity Church. She has been a dedicated student and practitioner for over 16 years and understands my teachings of my master Teachers better than anyway here at Qigong Healing Centre. 

She also is a woman of many talents certified in Jose Silva Meditation Method, excellent painter, licensed hair stylist for many decades with a private clientele, great parent and grandparent to her family and much more. The most admired quality of Bella besides here of her long list of achievements is that of a Genuine person. Students and friends like her classes because of her aura of receptivity to participate and enjoy life.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sacred Symbol of Awakening ~ Lotus Flower

A student asked who's explanation on the Lotus Flower is correct? It's a good question since there's literally hundreds of articles on it. I feel everyone is allowed to express there feelings on anything; and I don't want to be the policeman on who's right, who's wrong. I believe everyone has their worth to chime in. 

One pithy answer from my early Ordained Buddhist Mentor is that the Lotus Flower is an important symbol in Buddhism, as it represents the process of awakening. The Lotus Flower beginning as a seed, it becomes secured in the sticky muck of a pond or dead end water body, and grows from that environment to blossom into this beautiful radiant flower. 

As a sacred symbol of awakening it represents the purity of our awakened body/mind, which in order to manifest itself, has to spring from the muck of normal existence. The Buddhist Religion in many forms has depicted this in their sacred art. The Lotus Flower/Lotus Blossom  is often depicted in the hands of various Icon's or shown as a platform seat on which they sit.  There are countless Buddhist documents, Recitation Practice's, short Mantra's (vocalization as a form of meditation), Mudra's (hand symbols) and Lotus Meditations using tantric imagery, and schools named after the Lotus Flower. Properly understood it for sure came from the Buddhist and has merged into many other systems of spirituality and health.

 Lotus Flower Invocation 

The purity of heaven, purity of earth; purity within and without; purity of my sense organs. Our mind being pure, there is no impurity in any pollution. Our sense organs of our body are pure, I am one with spirits of heaven and earth. Just as the awakened one has taught us the teaching of the Lotus Flower is like the shadow that accompanies form, if what we and what we do are pure, then all our personal request will be fulfilled and our happiness and longevity will be limitless. I am now endowed with the most revered and supreme sacred treasured teaching, my body/mind is pure like a beautiful Lotus Flower which transformed out of the emotional mud of the world.    



Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Transformation Benefits of Chanting Practice (updated 7/15/2018)

I have been receiving many emails in the past weeks about "Healing Sounds", and Chanting practice of late. So I thought it would be timely to write a quick entry on it and what I think.

My experience with Chanting began with my first Teacher when I was 13; it was in the form of Morning and Evening Ritual Hommage practice of the Japanese Buddhist  Religion I still follow to this day. As time went on more liturgies and empowerment and practice came into play. A serious practice of Zen Meditation was always present, in which I was required to study the history and the many components of it. The Heart Sutra is one of many popular ones that many learn (image above).    

When I was a teenager I had many health issues and could hardly breathe, focus and function. Which cause myself many personal problems. I found this practice of chanting to be very beneficial to my health and works on many levels. Different sounds vibrate different spiritual centers, invigorating the body and releasing trapped energy. Repeated chanting promotes our physical, mental and spiritual activities, providing positive adaptability to any environment and to deal with the stresses of life.

Scientific research in East Asia and the West has showed evidence that these type of breath control practice are not only a textbook perfect form of healing meditation, but also reverse oxygen deficiency (hypoxia), increase blood saturation and bio electric components of the overall body. In the future the "big buzz" will be how transformation exercises reverse hypoxia and in controlling effects of Cancer. This is my opinion although.   

As the years have ticked on and with many mentors have learned many practices in this area. I still practice many sound resonation practice's and traditional liturgies to this day. These East Asian liturgies have been used for thousands of years because the effects of repeated chanting are very beneficial. You don't have to be a Buddhist, Taoist or a Hindu to benefit from chanting. If you practice it seriously one will find that it helps to develop breathing control, focuses the mind and makes everything better. Just do it for a week or more and see if you feel better!

Pearls of Wisdom Notes: Ling Yan ( 言霊) rough English meaning  "Spiritual Words/Phrases of Empowerment" is a common belief in the traditional schools of practice. Mantras and Healing Sounds Systems are ubiquitous and a melting pot of village practice, culture, belief and imported dialects by neighboring country's. The tangible mystical powers reside within the sacred liturgy itself and come alive when invoked and dutifully followed. In the last 70 years hybrid "Qigong" has adopted it into it's culture and really is a endless list.  The Ling Yan Concept "Spiritual Words of Empowerment", use Mudra (hand symbolism), Mantra (vocalization) and internal image (creative visualization) focusing as well.

The Ling Yan common teaching is that these sacred scripts have a tangible and intrinsic power capable of affecting Body, Mind and Spirit's. Through activation practice one develops various levels of empowerment and stages of awareness. The different levels of power are revealed through health, moving meditation and even while doing everyday life. The mentor teachers responsibility is to introduce the teaching and the rest lies on unshakable faith of the devotee to the path. This can be universal as well in other spirtual systems that use Chanting or sounds systems to empower themselves for connection to the source or a higher level of awareness. ~G. W. Abersold     



Monday, July 9, 2018

Be the Light that Illuminates the Way ©

 When we come into the world, as we mature one can be mislead by culture, trends and technology. If we live our lives for what the outer world pushes onto oneself and don't cultivate our own life - we truly become likened to "animal herd mentality".  Then we have loss the real meaning of our life.

Personal worth and experience  is truly seldom recognized and appreciated in our society. The world at times seems to reward people that are popular, greedy and of poor character. It has been a problem since the beginning of time and will continue. It's important to avoid these pitfalls of our existence and follow truly people and things that have great integrity and tangible value. Find the true mentors of whatever you are into to help you along the way, but you must do the personal growth and work. They cannot do it for you.

As you live your life, if we long to be what Society of the World wants you to be, our life will be empty, no matter what you believe that you have achieved. We must examine deeply into our own life. For it's not hard to realize that true power does not come from outside or around you; but from our own personal skill development.

It takes much patience to filter the people, events and things out that really have true meaning. If you don't learn this you will forever chasing your tail of "chaos". The sages of old have taught our natural integrity, contentment and clarity is our foundation of true happiness and of everything we seek in life is found with our personal path. This truly is the "gold" that is worth investing time into for personal achievement. 

Spirituality and Pathways are not about graduating, or mastering. It's all about being better than yesterday; learning "how to be less wrong" and living a life of hope and upright character. All the Sages teach a life of service - help the "down and trodden" and be the light in many's life. A lesson taught that some follow but many abandon once they get deluded by greed and hubris. 

When you are around people think of the north star and bigger dipper a never ceasing sparkling source of energy to uplift anyone. This in a sense you are not alone. Just do a silent countdown of  1-2-2-4-5...okay now "lets sparkle and make a difference"!

The only true thing in life we own is our personal experience, integrity and how we carry ourself. Where ever you are today is from your own navigating; stop blaming your parents or others it is on you. Do some real personal work and change what you don't like. Everyone deserves a fresh start give yourself that start today.

Look in life to to cultivate oneself this is the foundation of true happiness. Learn how to be the architect of your own blue print in life; for this is worth achieving.  Learn how to harness the power of self through life. Only you can do it.